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PA Media Boris Johnson says the UK will start donating coronavirus vaccines to poorer countries in the next few weeks. More than 100 million surplus doses will be delivered in the next year, he announced ahead of the G7 summit. US President Joe Biden has promised half a billion doses of Pfizer vaccines to 92 […]

Mega Agency Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he and President Biden are “working together” to end the row over whether Anne Sacoolas should face trial over the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn. Ms Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity after the teenager died in a collision with her car almost two years ago. Speaking at the G7, […]

There is “complete harmony” on the need to solve trade problems in Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson has said, following his first face-to-face meeting with US president Joe Biden. The two leaders met in Cornwall on the eve of the G7 summit. Mr Johnson said the US, UK and EU all wanted to protect the Good […]

EPA The US has pledged to donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, as many poorer countries struggle to get their populations vaccinated against coronavirus. US President Joe Biden, in the UK for a G7 summit, said on Thursday that this would be “the largest single purchase and donation of Covid-19 vaccines by any […]

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has sought to justify the timing of the first national Covid lockdown after claims a delay cost thousands of lives. He told MPs locking down earlier than 23 March 2020 would have gone against the scientific advice at the time. Ministers did challenge the scientists, he insisted, but overruling their advice […]

The White House has indicated that he intends to cover a “full range of pressing issues” with his Russian counterpart, including arms control, climate change, Russian military involvement in Ukraine, Russia’s cyber-hacking activities and the jailing of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. Go to Source Date: 10 June 2021 Author:

World Mosquito Programme Dengue fever cases have been cut by 77% in a “groundbreaking” trial that manipulates the mosquitoes that spread it, say scientists. They used mosquitoes infected with “miraculous” bacteria that reduce the insect’s ability to spread dengue. The trial took place in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia, and is being expanded in the hope of […]

Getty Images It’s celestial showtime on Thursday as much of the Northern Hemisphere gets to witness a solar eclipse. This particular event is what’s termed an annular eclipse. It will see the Moon move across the face of our star but not completely block out the light coming from it. Instead, there will be just […]

EPA/REUTERS The EU says its patience is “wearing very thin” with the UK in talks aimed at avoiding a trade war over Northern Ireland border checks. Exports of sausages and other chilled meats from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will effectively be banned at the end of the month. The UK says it is ready […]

EPA Joe Biden has “deep” concerns that a UK-EU trade row could endanger peace in Northern Ireland, his national security adviser has told the BBC. The US president will tell fellow leaders at this week’s G7 summit that gains since the Good Friday Agreement must be protected, Jake Sullivan said. The UK and EU are […]