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The saying goes that you should mix with your ears and not your eyes. While we agree that the ears should cast the deciding vote in any mixing decisions, there are plenty of tools to guide you towards optimum results. Specifically, compression and other dynamic processes can be particularly hard to hear, especially when you’re […]

There are a ton of multi-sampled instruments available that allow you to emulate just about any classic keys, from a Rhodes electric piano, to a baby grand. Some of the best examples of these sampled libraries let you tweak every aspect of the sound. These are your only options when looking for the most realistic […]

Vital is the full-featured new spectral warping wavetable synth from Matt Tytel, the creator of Helm, which we included on our recent list of best freeware soft synths. Vital features wavetable warping, elaborate modulation and effects. What we especially like is that its attractive and responsive interface animates wavetables, filters and modulation so you can […]

Electronic music moved the bass from being a supporting part of most musical genres to being forefront, taking centre stage alongside the drums. That’s why the focus on sub content has never been greater. Every track needs to hit like a freight train to the chest, and that requires a consistent sub. In this Weekend […]

What’s the difference between a scale and a key? Very little, but the ‘scale’ is often seen as more of a presentation of notes in the key, played from low to You don’t need music theory to be good at music. The history of songwriting and composition is littered with people who didn’t know the rules, […]

The bass drum is the beating heart of electronic music; from deep ambient impacts to the driving four on the floor beats of House and Techno, it sets the pace of the track and can even change the mood. In this Weekend Workshop, we’ll be creating two bass drum sounds modelled after a pair of […]