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Price £1199Contact Imperative Audio | Studiospares The Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) package is impressively substantial, with a shipping carton large enough to tempt one to climb inside. Removing the black bag containing the packed PVB is best carried out by two people, as is the whole assembly, though it is possible solo, as I found […]

VocAlign Ultra is the latest version of Synchro Arts’ vocal alignment software, designed to let you sync up multiple vocal tracks in less time. Ideal for stacked vocals, the software lets you correct vocal timing and pitch issues, and this version adds extra control over the strength of corrections with Tightness controls. Dialling back on […]

A glorious day it is! Not only did Pendulum release their first new song in 10 years, “Driver,” earlier this morning, they’ve just dropped the second of the day with beautiful vocals from Rob Swire. Of course, “Driver” had some vocals from Rob, but nothing like “Nothing For Free.” One of the first new pieces […]