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When inputting MIDI notes, the temptation to draw in notes or hit the quantise button is often too hard to resist. When things get a little too on-the-grid, instruments sound artificial and unrealistic. To keep things sound more natural, Logic Pro comes equipped with MIDI Humanize. This adds randomisations to the note placements for a […]

Mixing kick drum and bass is one of the most persistent problems in mixing. If you don’t manage the relationship between your bass-heavy elements, your low-end can soon become an incoherent mess. In this Logic Tips video, Jono Buchanan shows you how to make space for all your bass-forward elements including bass, kicks and additional […]

If you’re constantly selecting multiple tracks when editing in Logic, thinking there must be a better way, you’re right. The solution is using Groups. By assigning multiple tracks to a group, you’re able to control them collectively from a single track. For mixing, Groups are arguably even more useful. Want to turn up the drums […]

If your hard drive is rapidly filling up with Ableton Live Packs, and you’re running out of space, we’ve got just the trick for you. This time, MusicTech Ableton Live expert Liam O’Mullane explains how to move your Packs, User Library, Temporary Folder and more to alternative locations to free up hard disk space. All […]

In a special video outing of Under The Hood, electronic producer Morgan Page unpacks his Grammy-nominated remix of Imaginary Friends (ov) by Deadmau5. In fact, the track on which Morgan’s remix is based is a cover itself. Imaginary Friends (ov) comes from the Deadmau5’s 2018 orchestral record, Where’s The Drop?, which reimagines the mouse-headed artist’s […]

Instead of adding static effects to tracks, you can make things a lot more interesting if you automate in effects such as pitch shifts and reverbs momentarily. The way to do that is with automation. In this tutorial, learn a few quick ways to create momentary or ‘spot’ automation. Get to grips with the Marquee […]

If you’ve ever felt slightly daunted by all the different types of keys and scales, then Ableton Live has a way for you to put all of that out of your mind and keep making great music. The Scale MIDI Device lets you nudge incoming or recorded MIDI on to new pitches. So, even if […]

by: David Klemow Dec 7, 2020 It has been 11 years since Kid Cudi planted his flag on the moon. Now, the beloved Man on the Moon trilogy will officially come to an end on December 11 with Cudi’s highly anticipated final installment, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen. Just ahead of the LP’s […]

Ever get that sinking feeling when you’ve just performed your best take on a track, only to notice that you forgot to hit record on your DAW? Us too. Happily, Logic Pro X has a feature that will save your bacon in these situations. Record Capture is a button that can be pressed to restore […]

Every DAW is packed with buttons, knobs, faders and menus. It’s no wonder so many of them go unnoticed and unused. The Fold button in Ableton Live’s MIDI editor is a perfect example of such a button. Although it’s tucked away and isn’t imperative to recording and producing music, it can be a useful tool […]