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In partnership with BandLab When Bitwig introduced the Polymer synthesizer in Bitwig Studio 3.3 late last year, it accomplished several objectives. Firstly, it provided a simple but versatile way to quickly dial up a wealth of high-quality synth sounds. Polymer lets you mix and match many oscillator, filter and amp envelope types to create custom […]

Cubase’s MediaBay can look quite daunting at first glance, with its seemingly infinite menus, categories and files. Once you get familiar with its interface, the media browser can be an extremely powerful tool in your music production arsenal. You can audition audio, plug-in presets and MIDI patterns all before loading it into your track. In […]

Now that we know how to set up our perfect template, it’s time to get familiar with the template browser in Ableton Live. The DAW already comes with some useful templates that you can use to quickly get started on a new project, but you may want to edit these and add your own so […]

Sidechain compression has been a staple in dance music for decades. You’ll most often hear it working on a bassline or pad alongside, making it ‘pump’ every time the kick drum hits. This technique can create more movement and groove in a track, but it’s also useful as a mixing tool to prevent the kick […]

In partnership with BandLab Sampling exposed drum parts and turning them into breakbeats is a popular production technique that will never go away. However, clearing those samples can be a legal minefield, so many musicians opt to create their own breaks using drum machines instead, before resampling and processing them to lend them a more […]

Alchemy is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that comes pre-installed with Logic Pro. It can be easy to get lost in such a deep engine with so many presets, parameters and effects. We’re going to ease you into it, so that you can become a master of Alchemy without fear of getting lost along the way. […]

Now that you’re clued up on MixConsole and insert effects within Steinberg’s Cubase, it’s time to take a look at send effects. Instead of applying an effect directly to your instrument or audio track, Cubase easily lets you route a track to a send effect for more control over your processing – as you would […]

Ableton Live’s physical object modelling effect, Corpus, is seldom used in the average project. It’s also often overlooked by many producers, mainly because of its mysterious and unique workflow. The reality is, when you route audio to this unassuming device, it will emulate different materials to generate exotic and otherworldly sounds. In this Ableton Live […]

Now that we’ve covered insert effects and signal flow in FL Studio, it’s time to take a look at send tracks. By loading an effect onto a send track, you can route multiple instruments to a reverb, for example, and have total control over how much your instruments are being affected. This could mean applying […]

In this Logic Pro Tips video, MusicTech Logic Pro expert Jono Buchanan explains the importance of the low-mid range. As the engine room of your track, it’s responsible for driving things along and adding weight, but it’s easy to make it bloated. Learn how to fix low-mid issues in this video. Throughout our Logic Tips series, MusicTech […]