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David Lee Roth has released a new song dedicated to Eddie Van Halen. “Hey Ed I’m gonna miss ya,” reads the text on the illustration attached to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill” on YouTube. “See you on the other side.” The upbeat, largely acoustic track features a sweet, sentimental lyric that briefly nods […]

Eddie Van Halen‘s studio archives include an overwhelming amount of unreleased music, according to a new posthumous tribute. In a newly published Rolling Stone piece quoting a 2008 interview with writer Brian Hiatt, the Van Halen guitarist said he recorded “tons” of unreleased music, resulting in “close to a million CDs, cassettes, boxes and boxes and […]

Dee Dee Keel had a front-row seat for Van Halen‘s rise to the top. She started working at the Whisky a Go Go in 1971 as secretary to Elmer Valentine, who not only owned the famous Sunset Strip club but had also co-founded the nearby Roxy and Rainbow Bar & Grill. Within a couple of years, she went from answering […]

Wolfgang Van Halen does not appreciate any speculation about him taking over as the new guitarist for Van Halen less than a month after his father Eddie‘s death. The elder Van Halen died on Oct. 6 after a long battle with cancer. In recent days, unfounded online speculation has suggested that “the VH camp” has […]

Eddie Van Halen‘s lead vocal on “How Many Say I” was one of the more polarizing moments of Van Halen III. In a new interview, Gary Cherone, who fronted Van Halen on the 1998 release, defended the song and explained why he wanted Van Halen to sing it. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Cherone recalled the […]

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that Eddie Van Halen once asked him to sing in Van Halen. “He phoned me up one time, asked me if I wanted to sing in his band,” Osbourne explained during a conversation on SiriusXM’s Ozzy Speaks. Though he didn’t give a specific timeline about when this conversation happened, Osbourne noted it […]

Van Halen have somehow only released three official concert albums or home videos, despite the fact that their onstage charisma, skill and showmanship played a big part in making them superstars. Even more amazingly, they’ve never released a live home video featuring their original frontman, David Lee Roth. Luckily, clever fans snuck video cameras and […]

A YouTuber who’s made a series of videos that show him performing classic-rock songs on Stylophones released his version of Eddie Van Halen’s signature solo track “Eruption.” But MaroMaro1337 denied it was a joke, admitting it was “one of the weirdest tributes” to the late guitarist, who died on Oct. 6 after a cancer battle. “I know […]

David Lee Roth has declared his ambition to become the “king of Las Vegas” now that Van Halen can never return. He’d said the band was “finished” in September 2019, before it was publicly known that guitarist Eddie Van Halen was suffering from a cancer that would eventually take his life on Oct. 6 this […]

It’s impossible to argue Van Halen were underrated. But you can make the case that certain songs by the hard-rock legends haven’t gotten the love and attention they deserve. Van Halen tracks like “Fools,” “One Foot Out the Door” and “Feels So Good” have been overlooked mostly because they’re overshadowed by more immediately awesome songs. Somewhere around the mid-’90s, when […]