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Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider will appear on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, June 20. “My family and I — the whole Snider Growing Up Twisted clan — are on Celebrity Family Feud,” the rocker declared during an interview on Mark Mendoza’s Facebook Live show 22 Now. “We went up against [NFL Hall of Famer […]

Chuck Barris once explained that he originally wanted The Gong Show to be full of “new, fresh, good acts. But we couldn’t find any; they were all lousy. So rather than throw away the idea, I said, ‘Let’s reverse it. Let’s do lousy acts.’” This idea – putting bad performers onscreen – led to one […]

Tom Petty was ready to duke it out on the final episode of Garry Shandling’s The Larry Sanders Show, which aired 23 years ago on May 31, 1998. Appearing as himself on the show, Petty sparked a scuffle first with actor Greg Kinnear and then with country singer Clint Black over who would be singing Larry’s farewell song. “I […]

When fans tuned in to wish The Love Boat a bon voyage on May 24, 1986, they got what they expected. After three made-for-TV movies and nine seasons, the final episode of The Love Boat didn’t deliver anything exciting or new. Instead, the finale offered tenderness and corny jokes, absurd situations and ’80s glamour, and, […]

It’s not easy to get Cher on your show. Just ask David Letterman, who asked her to appear on his late night talk show as a guest for four years and, by Cher’s account paid a $28,000 hotel bill to seal the deal. The reason she kept turning the appearance down? She thought he was […]

Calling any one year the most important in music history is a daring endeavor. But the creative team behind Apple TV+’s 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything, an eight-episode documentary series debuting today, is confident it has the goods to support that claim. “It’s subjective, but I think by anybody’s standards it’s a crazy […]

David Letterman reinvented himself with My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which premiered on Netflix in January 2018. Bushy beard, minimalist set, exclusively high-profile guests, deep conversations — riveting stuff, but a much more mature style than the concoction of absurdity and snark that defined his innovative TV work from the ’80s and ’90s. After emerging as a […]

Before there was Coachella or Bonnaroo, there was “Homerpalooza” – an eclectic lineup of artists assembled for a memorable episode of The Simpsons that aired on May 19, 1996. The story was the brainchild of writer Brent Forrester, who based the script on his own experience attending Lollapalooza and feeling like an elder outcast at the music […]

If you want to remember the ’80s and early ’90s, or even learn about this era for the first time, there’s nothing like watching a made-for-TV movie based on one of the period’s most resonant shows. Knight Rider 2000 premiered on NBC on May 19, 1991, and managed to almost perfectly encapsulate the views of good guys and […]

The six-episode Paul McCarney docuseries McCartney 3, 2, 1 will premiere on Hulu July 16. The series will see the legendary musician discussing his career – including the Beatles, Wings and solo work – with music producer Rick Rubin. “Never before have fans had the opportunity to hear Paul McCartney share, in such expansive, celebratory detail, the experience […]