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Federated Wireless is launching a turnkey 4G/5G service through a partnership with Amazon Web Services and  Microsoft Azure that runs over Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), which the Federal Communications Commission opened up to public use in January. The idea is pretty simple: Federated’s new connectivity-as-a-service offering can be purchased directly through both the AWS Marketplace […]

Washing your clothes ain’t what it used to be – the machines we use to launder our dirties have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. While you’re still likely to be using a white machine with a door to out your clothes in and out of, the tech under the hood (or […]

Ever since Henry Ford came up with the idea of using moving assembly lines to build automobiles faster at lower cost and at higher quality, efficiency has been the driving force in industry. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong approach for modern businesses. We’re no longer in an industrial economy. Today, information powers our world. Efficiency drives […]

Apple may be gearing up to launch its own branded over-the-ear headphones, the long-rumored StudioPods. According to a tweet from tech analyst Jon Prosser, employees at retail giant Target have found a listing for a new version of Apple AirPods in the company’s internal systems. This listing could refer to Apple producing its own over-the-ear StudioPods headphones, […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a great smartphone, even if it’s no longer all that new. The device joined the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the company’s 2018 line-up of flagship smartphones, adding an S Pen to the party. It’s still a fabulous-looking device that refined the Note 8‘s design, continuing with a premium glass body with […]

AI, unlike any other initiative is a business transformation enabler and not another technology system implementation that business users need to be trained on. Traditionally, businesses choose either the classic waterfall approach of linear tasks, or the agile approach, where teams review and evaluate solutions as they are tested out. In contrast, implementing AI technology […]

If you’re looking for an Apple laptop, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at the different models available to help you decide which is best for you. The first thing to decide is which of the main device types to go for – you can then start looking at the different configurations.  […]

The original Kings Canyon map of Apex Legends has temporarily returned to the popular battle royale shooter, which is a kick of nostalgia for players who have been around since the game launched in February last year. Respawn revealed that it was bringing back Kings Canyon through Twitter, and the response was met with excitement […]

Here we go again! Fresh off the unmitigated disaster that was the Iowa Democratic caucuses, Nevada is kicking off caucuses of its own. After understandably scrapping its plans to use an app made by Shadow Inc., the company behind Iowa’s ill-fated caucus app, the Nevada State Democratic Party came up with a last-minute replacement — […]

(Reuters) — Developers of self-driving cars are amping up criticism of a California reporting requirement on test data, saying the data could mislead, as the state prepares to release the latest results for 2019. Companies such as General Motors’ Cruise and startup Aurora have said the metric, called disengagements, is not an accurate or relevant […]