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by: Ross Goldenberg Nov 25, 2020 The electronic music industry was sent into an unwavering shock on November 24 when the news of i_o‘s sudden passing was disclosed on his social channels. While typing that sentence still feels all too surreal fewer than 24 hours later, Dancing Astronaut is taking a moment to not only […]

In shocking news today, techno artist i_o, real name Garrett Lockhart, fka Fawks, has died. He was 30. Rumors began swirling earlier today after deleted posts from both his girlfriend and management began subtly circulating on the web, and the news was confirmed to Your EDM by a private source. It’s now been confirmed via […]

by: Austria Masim Nov 21, 2020 Boris Brejcha continues a white hot stream in 2020 as he lays down a melodic remix for Theydream’s “Equilibrium” released on his own label, FCKNG SERIOUS. The masked-producer turns up his signature two-step “high-tech minimal” style on the remix, featuring stellar progressions, catchy bass, groovy drums, and hazy melodies. Swiss […]

by: Jessica Mao Nov 21, 2020 Spencer Brown switches gears on his newest release as he makes his highly-anticipated return to mau5trap with two-track EP, Spiderman on Ambien / Stairs. In style with his previous tracks on the esteemed deadmau5 imprint, Brown’s latest pushes forth darker gradients of techno—less seen, yet equally coveted to his […]

by: Austria Masim Nov 18, 2020 In Dancing Astronaut’s latest Good Morning Mix, ZHU enthusiasts have the chance to turn back the clock to the producer’s November 13 Blacklizt set from his “I Admit It” fashion show, broadcast live via Luminosity Gaming‘s Twitch channel. The dark and ethereal visual experience, which directly followed ZHU’s recent […]

by: Austria Masim Nov 15, 2020 Bringing the Freeze Records sound back around, New York house legend, Todd Terry returns with two-track EP, Energize 33 following a slew of singles such as “Jammin,” “Black Again,” and a remix of his 2016 original, “Can U Dig It.” Energize 33 features a radio and club mix of […]

Clubs around the world have been hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — but a new court ruling could save German nightlife. It might sound strange, and rather obvious, but the country has officially declared techno to be music. That means nightclubs and dance music venues are allowed the same tax break as concert […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Nov 12, 2020 German clubs will now be taxed at the same rate as traditional concert venues in a new ruling by Germany’s federal fiscal court BFH—a major win for the clubbing industry. The court agreed with plaintiffs, including Berlin’s legendary Berghain club, that they should not have to pay the standard […]

Yesterday’s DJ Mag Top 100 list left many as jaded as the year before, with many mainstage acts and still confusion about why it’s called the “Top 100 DJs” when there are many better DJs than those listed. Naming ambiguity aside, it’s an interesting insight into analytics and statistics and how either 1) DJs can […]

by: Mitchell Rose Oct 28, 2020 Techno veteran and icon Solomun returns with another sublime track to cap off his active 2020. Blending deep and afro house styles, “Home” relies heavily on a slow-moving chord progression with organic percussive hits providing accentuation. The piece arrives in tandem with a music video that highlights and pays […]