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If you’re constantly selecting multiple tracks when editing in Logic, thinking there must be a better way, you’re right. The solution is using Groups. By assigning multiple tracks to a group, you’re able to control them collectively from a single track. For mixing, Groups are arguably even more useful. Want to turn up the drums […]

Loopcloud’s Drum 1.5 is a 16-pad sampler and sequencer that connects to your Loopcloud sound library, allowing you to quickly curate new kits, or randomly generate entirely new ones and stay in the flow of beat-making. The beat-making tool touts greater integration with your Loopcloud account, allowing you to browse your purchased sounds and other […]

Vital is the full-featured new spectral warping wavetable synth from Matt Tytel, the creator of Helm, which we included on our recent list of best freeware soft synths. Vital features wavetable warping, elaborate modulation and effects. What we especially like is that its attractive and responsive interface animates wavetables, filters and modulation so you can […]

If your hard drive is rapidly filling up with Ableton Live Packs, and you’re running out of space, we’ve got just the trick for you. This time, MusicTech Ableton Live expert Liam O’Mullane explains how to move your Packs, User Library, Temporary Folder and more to alternative locations to free up hard disk space. All […]

WINNER: Arturia KeyStep Pro Price £370Contact Arturia Lit up by our Gear of the Year headlights as soon as we first laid hands on it back at NAMM, the KeyStep Pro combines many of the best sequential elements from its sizeable product range into a single device, making modular manipulation amazing fun. Its central selection […]

Arturia is celebrating the holidays by giving away its Chorus JUN-6 plug-in absolutely free. Music-makers can download the software title, gratis until 29 December 2020. The Chorus JUN-6 is based on the analogue stereo effect found on Roland’s famed Juno series of analogue polysynths. With just a few buttons and sliders to finesse, the plug-in […]

WINNER: Warm Audio Bus Comp Price £650Contact Warm Audio A company with previous when it comes to bringing the sound of those glorious keystone products of the past to contemporary audiences, Texas-based Warm Audio’s take on VCA mix-bus compression was a revelation upon its release in early 2020. The Bus-Comp is an all-analogue two-channel stereo […]

WINNER: Dreadbox Hysteria Price £90Contact Dreadbox The innovative Athens-based Dreadbox has continually impressed with its retro designs and the sheer scope of its characterful synths’ sounds. This analogue VCO packs the weighty power of its larger-scale Dreadbox brothers into a simple 10HP form factor. Its an easy-to-use unit, with four sliders split into two sections, […]

Spitfire Audio’s latest instrument library in its Originals series, Drumline, lets you access a collection of marching band percussion samples, performed by the world champion Blue Devils drum corps. The sound library was recorded on the iconic Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox, where scores for The Mandalorian, The Lion King and hundreds more […]

With over two million subscribers on YouTube, Andrew Huang is one of the most popular music technology personalities around. He’s sampling obsessed and a modular synth nut, but what six studio items will make it into his Forever Studio? Listen to find out why Andrew is the Christmas studio Grinch, how he has managed bend […]