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Moog Music has released an official statement responding to allegations of discrimination and misogyny within the company. The response follows news that Hannah Green, an ex-employee, alleged that the synth company fired her on the basis of her gender. According to an article on The Asheville Blade, Green is seeking $1.1 million in compensation and […]

Universal Audio has announced an asset purchase agreement of Townsend Labs Inc, the mic manufacturer and software developer. Townsend Labs Inc is known for its TEC award-winning Sphere L22 Microphone System, which can emulate a range of different microphones. Universal Audio’s asset acquisition will mean that the Sphere L22 will join its line of audio […]

Dreaming up a six-item studio this time is production superstar and label owner Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5. Joel’s an unapologetic tech nerd and studio wizard and calls in from his mind-meltingly kit-packed studio. But how will the man who has everything cope with our semi-strict rules? In this episode, find out which guitar pedal he […]

(Pocket-lint) – Having leaked already recently, Beats has now officially unveiled its next expected pair of wireless earphones: Beats Studio Buds.  They share a name and some features with the over-ear Studio 3 Wireless from a few years back. Namely: these are the first Beats in-ears with built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), they’re also the […]

(Pocket-lint) – Over the past few years, smartphones have moved away from wired headphones by removing the 3.5mm headphone port, which used to be a mainstay feature. That meant wireless technology had to get better and – as always with any wireless tech advancement – Qualcomm was at the forefront.  Previously, when relying on Bluetooth […]

Price €199Contact Arturia Arturia has built an impressive catalogue of products in recent years: slick audio interfaces with innovative features, controllers for modular and traditional MIDI-equipped gear, and an ever-growing range of stunning analogue hardware synths. The company’s still going strong on the soft-synth front too. And the company’s not just focused on replicas of […]

If you’re keen on turning audio files into sampler instruments, the process of mapping audio clips to notes can be rather tedious. Logic Pro’s Auto Sampler does exactly what it says on the tin, automatically creating a sampler instrument from your audio and making the sampling process a breeze. You may want to make your […]

(Pocket-lint) – Audeze is a big name in high-end audio – it specialises in planar magnetic headphones that get up to eye-watering prices. However, it’s also recently been making strides in gaming, with more and more headsets coming to its line-up. The company’s first wireless console headset comes in the form of the Penrose, available […]

Software developer Bram Bos has confirmed the reincarnation of his 1997 drum machine, HammerHead Rhythm Station. The beloved beatmaking software will return as an iOS app this month with some features fit for modern music production. Bram Bos tweeted out a demo clip of the new HammerHead in action, elaborating on the new features. “Hammerhead […]

German audio brand Fuse Audio Labs is giving away VREV-666, a spring reverb plug-in based on the Grampian 666 from the 1960s. VREV-666 builds on the Grampian 666 with a few extra controls – the original hardware had nothing more than a power switch, level knob and overload indicator. The plug-in gives you control over […]