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While many expected Apple to announce an updated MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021, it simply didn’t happen. However, a Twitter user may have spotted hints alluding to the existence of the redesigned laptop, along with an alleged new processor: the MX1. In Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote presentation (uploaded to YouTube on 7 June) several meta […]

Apple Music head Eddy Cue has admitted he can’t tell the difference between compressed tracks and their lossless counterparts. Cue, who is also Apple’s SVP for internet software and services, made the revelation in a new interview with Billboard on the place of lossless and Spatial Audio in the future of music. And he isn’t convinced that […]

Apple has announced that it will be adding immersive music authoring tools to an upcoming version of Logic Pro later this year. Following the arrival of Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos playback on the Apple Music service, the Logic Pro update marks a commitment to help artists create for the format. With the release of […]

In a bid to address user concerns over privacy, Apple has announced a major change in how its virtual assistant, Siri, will process requests: voice requests will now be processed “on-device” instead of being sent to or processed by the company’s servers. The change was announced at Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote yesterday (7 June) during […]

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for ReVolt, a product which lets you run gear that typically runs on batteries through cell-shaped devices that feature a DC plug. The project aims to replace disposable batteries with battery-shaped adaptors that fit into your devices just like typical AA, AAA, C and D cells. The catch: there’s a […]

Apple was in the spotlight throughout May, thanks to the news of a potential $27 billion fine, the release of Apple Music Lossless and rumours of a 40-core Mac Pro and a new iPod Touch. More hints at new gear came from the Sequential camp, which was recently acquired by Focusrite, with reports that a […]

Pandora and its parent company SiriusXM have entered into a partnership with TikTok to launch several cross-platform “audio experiences”, including a round-the-clock TikTok station on SiriusXM. TikTok Radio on SiriusXM is primed to feature “the trending sounds that are redefining pop culture” from creators and “tastemakers” on the popular social video platform, according to a […]

Sennheiser has sold its consumer electronics division to hearing aid specialists Sonova for a reported $241 million. As part of the deal – described by Sennheiser as a “cooperation” – Sonova will take over the development and production departments of Sennheiser’s consumer audio business. Sonova will likely add headphones and soundbars to its portfolio of existing […]

DistroKid has announced Splits 2.0, an update to its automatic royalty distribution service that now gives artists more control over how their earnings are disbursed to collaborators. A new feature in the update called Recoupment lets artists on the DistroKid platform prioritise which collaborators gets their share of royalties first. It’s useful for reimbursing collaborators […]

Over 180 artists have banded together to take a stance against Spotify‘s patent for a music recommendation technology based on speech monitoring. In 2018, the streaming giant filed a patent for a technology which could monitor and record speech and background noise in order to make personalised music recommendations. The filing was approved by the […]