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by: Farrell Sweeney Mar 3, 2021 SoundCloud has introduced “fan-powered royalties,” a new strategy that will revamp the way the streaming platform distributes money to its artists. The fan-powered royalty model of payouts is driven directly by an artist’s fan base. With this move, each listener’s subscription or advertising revenue is distributed among the artists […]

Payouts from streaming services have been a divisive topic for years — how does it work? how does it become more equitable? where does the money come from and where does it go? SoundCloud is aiming to become more transparent with their artist payouts by introducing a system of fan-powered royalties. At its core, it […]

SoundCloud has announced that it will become the first streaming service to direct the fees of paying subscribers to the artists they listen to, a move previously backed by musicians who have criticised the economics of streaming. READ MORE: Mark, My Words – from music to healthcare, the public is being asked to plug broken systems […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Feb 5, 2021 Soundcloud has continued its entrance into the gaming and esports scene thanks to the launch of its new livestreamed Fortnite tournament, Player One. The tournament and livestream are set to be hosted by esports commentator Javier “MonsterDface” Collazo and rapper, singer, and songwriter Rico Nasty. Player One will see eight rising […]

New Year’s Eve is upon us — and if you need a playlist to soundtrack your night, why not revisit all of your favorite music from 2020? SoundCloud has launched its 2020 SoundCloud Playback, the platform’s annual year end review. In addition to spotlighting music that the global community (and you personally) streamed, liked, reposted, and […]

by: Sami Weisband Dec 31, 2020 After more than a year of radio silence following Passion Pit‘s May 2019 collaboration with Galantis, “I Found U,” frontman Michael Angelakos has directed 30-plus previously unreleased demos of remixes, a cappella versions, and more to SoundCloud. The SoundCloud haul serves as something of a rarity in the industry, […]

SoundCloud is rolling out artist verification for the first time ever! The community has grown accustomed to the orange checkmarks, which for a long time were as official as anyone could get. Moving forward, the orange star now signals a SoundCloud Pro account and blue checkmarks verify established acts. The rollout has already begun with […]

by: Rugby Scruggs Sep 23, 2020 As the United States election approaches, many corporations and brands are launching initiatives to encourage citizens to get out and vote. Multiple music industry titans have already gotten involved, with Atlantic Records, Sony Music Group, and Spotify, among others, all announcing their own unique efforts to fuel the push […]