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Price $249Contact The Amazonic Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is, perhaps, Earth’s most fertile ground. Home to a staggering number of animal species, it is also the birthplace of nearly 400 separate tribes of people, many of whom have their own languages and traditions. The Amazon region is also under enormous threat, with giant swathes of rainforest […]

Those familiar with GForce will be excited by their latest foray into the virtual instrument world: their version of the classic SEM-loaded Oberheim 8-Voice, dubbed OB-E. For the uninitiated, SEM stands for Synthesizer Expansion Module, which is the root of the classic, fat Oberheim sound. And, in the case of OB-E, there are eight of […]

Price £58.99/$79Contact Toontrack Toontrack is aiming at modern electronic music producers with their latest offering, Electronic Edge. This EZX pack includes over 370 percussion sounds moulded into 30 mix-ready kits. Each sound has been sourced from acoustic recordings, old drum machines, Foley sounds and modular electronics by sound designer Richard Veenstra. He aimed to mangle […]

Price $249 or $149 UpgradeContact ROLI When ROLI released Equator back in 2015, there was great interest from the music tech world. It was the first software synthesizer built specifically for MPE (or MIDI Polyphonic Expression). This made sense since the company had also released the Seaboard RISE and their BLOCKS line of MPE controllers. […]

Price £439/$599 ($499 intro) Full version, £256/$349 UpgradeContact Arturia With the revival of interest in vintage synth sounds, there’s a drive to create plug-in emulations of the most iconic classic instruments – and competition is fierce. So, Arturia has released V Collection 8, a collection of 28 virtual instruments. The new edition adds four new […]

Price €149Contact Expressive E Noisy is the first dedicated soft synth to be developed by French company Expressive E. If the name is familiar, it’s likely because of Touché, the company’s unusual, multi-dimensional desktop hardware controller, designed to bring more musical control to software instruments and hardware synths. Noisy is a software instrument that mimics […]

Price £60Contact Steinberg The interplay between repeating rhythmic and melodic patterns lies at the heart of many forms of contemporary electronic music. When using them, the biggest skill lies in ensuring these repetitive patterns don’t become boring. To this end, many styles pepper the music with various embellishments such as risers and transition, but creating […]

Price £49/$49 eachContact Spitfire Audio In late 2020, Spitfire Audio released Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations, and it rightly received widespread acclaim. The beautifully captured library gave composers access to the signature acoustics of Studio One, the live room where composers such as John Williams and James Horner defined the sound of big-budget cinema. Catering […]

Price £145Contact Softube Probably the most famous – and certainly the most respected – name to come out of the world of analogue synthesis is Bob Moog. The instruments Moog designed and built, beginning with his original modular system in 1964, have been the benchmark against which every other subtractive synth since has been measured, […]

Price £80 (Also part of eXplorer 6 bundle)Contact Rob Papen | Time + Space While we all like familiarity, there are some forms of synthesis that feel under-represented. This might be due to the guiding principle that many are wary of drastic change. Finding ways to exploit these lesser-exploited synth engines, in a package that […]