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Price $249Contact The Amazonic Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is, perhaps, Earth’s most fertile ground. Home to a staggering number of animal species, it is also the birthplace of nearly 400 separate tribes of people, many of whom have their own languages and traditions. The Amazon region is also under enormous threat, with giant swathes of rainforest […]

Spitfire Audio has returned with another free virtual instrument under its LABS series: Autoharp. Sounds for the virtual zither were recorded by composer Christian Henson at the UK-based Castlesound Studios. The Autoharp pack also includes an FX signal that features a recording of the instrument sent through a Vox guitar amp. This added signal brings […]

The sixth iteration of Loopcloud is here and it includes AI-powered search features to help producers scour the service’s four million samples in less time. The AI-powered search features include harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, as well as automatic tagging for user content. The former curates a list of samples – out of your library […]

Software developer UVI has revived an intriguing Roland machine from the 80s, the MKS-7 Super Quartet, in the new Super-7 soft synth. The original hardware combined the lush sounds of the Juno-106 and the rock drum kit sounds from the TR-707. UVI says it’s multi-sampled a vast number of patches that were designed on the […]

Berlin-based virtual instrument brand Orchestral Tools is back with another intriguing sample collection, Tallinn. This collection brings the sounds of an Estonian choir, recorded in the medieval St. Nicholas Church (Niguliste), and boasting a distinctive Nordic character. The new Tallinn collection, aptly named after the capital city of Estonia, comprises sounds from the Grammy-winning Estonian […]

Independent software developer SampleScience is giving away Rusty Piano, a plug-in instrument that lets you play a rough acoustic piano. Rusty Piano is a fully multi-sampled acoustic piano, intentionally recorded hot with a touch of saturation to provide a heavier, rugged sound. SampleScience says this is ideal for genres such as indie rock, lo-fi hip-hop, […]

Spitfire Audio is back with another entry to its free LABS virtual instrument series: LABS Percussion. The software instrument features drum hits, shakers, timbales, cowbells and congas. According to the brand, the sounds are ideal for “media composition and electronic production alike”. Samples were recorded by producer-musicians Edward Scull and Sebastian Truman at Rosewood Studios […]

Price £58.99/$79Contact Toontrack Toontrack is aiming at modern electronic music producers with their latest offering, Electronic Edge. This EZX pack includes over 370 percussion sounds moulded into 30 mix-ready kits. Each sound has been sourced from acoustic recordings, old drum machines, Foley sounds and modular electronics by sound designer Richard Veenstra. He aimed to mangle […]

The hardware synthesizer market was relatively quiet this month, but intriguing music tech business developments and acquisitions were rife. Likewise, software and tech innovation brought AI vocalists and NFTs into the limelight, instigating heated discussions and new opportunities. For the first time in a while, talk of in-person events came back into the conversation, much […]

Price £439/$599 ($499 intro) Full version, £256/$349 UpgradeContact Arturia With the revival of interest in vintage synth sounds, there’s a drive to create plug-in emulations of the most iconic classic instruments – and competition is fierce. So, Arturia has released V Collection 8, a collection of 28 virtual instruments. The new edition adds four new […]