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Price £145Contact Softube Probably the most famous – and certainly the most respected – name to come out of the world of analogue synthesis is Bob Moog. The instruments Moog designed and built, beginning with his original modular system in 1964, have been the benchmark against which every other subtractive synth since has been measured, […]

SynthVR is a music-making tool that lets you assemble and play with huge modular systems in virtual reality. Following up from the alpha that dropped last year, version 1.0 of the part-game, part-music-production app was recently released (31 January). The app gives you free rein over the assemblage of your very own modular system, with […]

UVI’s latest virtual instrument, PX Memories, emulates the Lintronics LAMM. Besides being a faithful recreation of the analogue synth, it adds over 300 presets and new playing functions not found in the original. For the uninitiated, the LAMM (Lintronics Advanced Memory Moog) is not quite a synth in itself – but rather a popular aftermarket […]

Price £80 (Also part of eXplorer 6 bundle)Contact Rob Papen | Time + Space While we all like familiarity, there are some forms of synthesis that feel under-represented. This might be due to the guiding principle that many are wary of drastic change. Finding ways to exploit these lesser-exploited synth engines, in a package that […]

Rigid Audio is giving away Metawave, a granular synth for Kontakt, at no cost to its newsletter subscribers. The synth puts an emphasis on cinematic sounds and comes preloaded with 64 presets. You’re also able to conjure up your own sounds by assigning a selection of 64 source sounds onto the four available engines. Playing […]

Vital is the full-featured new spectral warping wavetable synth from Matt Tytel, the creator of Helm, which we included on our recent list of best freeware soft synths. Vital features wavetable warping, elaborate modulation and effects. What we especially like is that its attractive and responsive interface animates wavetables, filters and modulation so you can […]

Native Instruments has announced a special holiday sale on U-He software, taking up to 60 per cent off titles such as Diva, Zebra2 and Hive 2, among many others. Until 7 January, software titles get a reduction of half, while a bundle of all nine goes for 60 per cent off ($459) Those titles include […]

It’s likely that many producers out there are familiar with the TAL U-No-LX, an esteemed Roland Juno 60 emulation. It’s affordability and convincing sound made it a go-to synth plug-in for all types of music-makers. Now, TAL is aiming to bring the Jupiter-8 to your DAW, also as an affordable and convincing plug-in. The 80s […]

Harmonal Binaurics is a drone synth that plays off the wonderful world of auditory illusions for deep and trippy results. It’s the latest plug-in to arrive from Faded Instruments, run by Doron Sadja, an American artist whose work centers around modes of perception. The instrument specialises in binaural beats and isochronic tones. The former occurs […]

Arturia announces an update to their highly-regarded keyboard virtual instrument suite, V Collection 8. The new version adds four brand new instruments, updates two more, and expands sound banks, control and in-app tuition. In version 8, Arturia has modelled four more classic keyboards: the Roland Juno-6, E-mu Emulator II, Oberheim OB-Xa and the Bode 7702/Moog […]