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Soft Synths

Those familiar with GForce will be excited by their latest foray into the virtual instrument world: their version of the classic SEM-loaded Oberheim 8-Voice, dubbed OB-E. For the uninitiated, SEM stands for Synthesizer Expansion Module, which is the root of the classic, fat Oberheim sound. And, in the case of OB-E, there are eight of […]

Stimming has embarked on a new video series to show how producers can get a decent music-making setup on the cheap. The first episode of Beats On A Budget launched today – watch it above. In the episode, Stimming showed off a €500 setup made up of essential pieces of gear, software and freeware plug-ins. […]

Software developer UVI has revived an intriguing Roland machine from the 80s, the MKS-7 Super Quartet, in the new Super-7 soft synth. The original hardware combined the lush sounds of the Juno-106 and the rock drum kit sounds from the TR-707. UVI says it’s multi-sampled a vast number of patches that were designed on the […]

Arturia has updated its flagship software synthesizer to Pigments 3, introducing a bundle of new features and engines, a revamped audio routing system, new effects and more. Pigments 2 was voted as MusicTech’s Best software synth of 2020 in the Gear Of The Year Awards – can Arturia’s update elevate this revered synth to even […]

Price $249 or $149 UpgradeContact ROLI When ROLI released Equator back in 2015, there was great interest from the music tech world. It was the first software synthesizer built specifically for MPE (or MIDI Polyphonic Expression). This made sense since the company had also released the Seaboard RISE and their BLOCKS line of MPE controllers. […]

The hardware synthesizer market was relatively quiet this month, but intriguing music tech business developments and acquisitions were rife. Likewise, software and tech innovation brought AI vocalists and NFTs into the limelight, instigating heated discussions and new opportunities. For the first time in a while, talk of in-person events came back into the conversation, much […]

Cherry Audio has announced Eight-Voice, its software take on the classic Oberheim 8-Voice, priced at just $29. The soft synth plug-in is equipped with eight dual-oscillator voice modules – which take after the original’s Synthesizer Expander Modules (SEM) – for sound generation. The brand also tapped synth-making veteran Mark Barton for a detailed emulation of […]

Price €149Contact Expressive E Noisy is the first dedicated soft synth to be developed by French company Expressive E. If the name is familiar, it’s likely because of Touché, the company’s unusual, multi-dimensional desktop hardware controller, designed to bring more musical control to software instruments and hardware synths. Noisy is a software instrument that mimics […]

The latest edition of Softube’s Volume series adds four more premium plug-ins to a growing bundle of deeply discounted software. New additions from Volume Five include Weiss EQ MP, Amp Room and the Marshall Cabinet Collection expansion, as well as the Statement Lead polyphonic synth. Softube collaborated with leading brands on quite a number of […]

Price £60Contact Steinberg The interplay between repeating rhythmic and melodic patterns lies at the heart of many forms of contemporary electronic music. When using them, the biggest skill lies in ensuring these repetitive patterns don’t become boring. To this end, many styles pepper the music with various embellishments such as risers and transition, but creating […]