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Behringer has launched a teaser video for an upcoming drum machine that will be revealed next week (28 June). The brief teaser showed little of the device’s design, except for its sequencer lights, and some of its controls: four buttons backlit in white, a play/pause button and a stop button. The video’s title draws from […]

My first foray into music production was using a basic Roland Sound Canvas, a pretty static box with little to no controls. So I was excited to get my hands on my first proper piece of kit in 1996: the Roland MC-303. This thing was jammed with classic dance drum hits from the 808, 909 […]

Following the news that Behringer is now shipping the RD-9, the company has revealed the price and further details of the drum machine. Behringer confirmed the price of the RD-9 in a Facebook post today (3 June) after opening pre-orders earlier this week. The good news is that the price tag weighs in way less […]

After three years of waiting, producers will soon be able to have a Behringer RD-9 in their studio. The brand announced that the TR-909-inspired drum machine is shipping now, sharing a photo from the production line. Behringer said on its Facebook post that production has “taken much longer than we had anticipated but Covid plus […]

Price $199/£169Contact Vir2 | Time+Space Drones and atmospheres have become big business for sample library developers. These sounds were first heard in earnest in the late 1980s when digital synths gained sample memory sizes allowing us to blend sampled sounds with synthesised elements. The result was the hybrid, evolving sounds made famous by Korg’s M1 […]

In our Auto Sampler tutorial, we took a detailed look at the process of mapping samples using Logic Pro’s updated Sampler plug-in. The mapping of samples is undoubtedly the backbone of Sampler’s operation but for those more interested in the creative potential of sampling, the Synth pane is worth much closer investigation. As well as […]

Price $299/£269Contact Korg With the explosion in analogue hardware, accelerated mainly by Korg itself, it seemed only a matter of time before the company’s fun, but basic SQ-1 sequencer would be superseded. Enter the SQ-64 Poly Sequencer, a four-track, 64-step sequencer touted to offer unparalleled connectivity and control. The SQ-64 can record, generate, and play […]

Price $119/85 (PO-133), $89/£85 (PO-128)Contact Teenage Engineering With the launch of the Capcom Series – PO-133 and PO-128 – Teenage Engineering has reskinned two of its higher-end Pocket Operators, the PO-33 and PO-28. As the Pocket Operator series has consistently impressed us, we were eager to get our hands on the new collectable POs. PO-133 […]

Price $699 / £599Contact Roland There have been significant changes in the world of music-making in the last 20 years, with the DAW-based approach running alongside a resurgent interest in hardware. While Korg has produced modern analogue replicas of its legacy instruments, Roland has embraced DSP to recreate its classics. And it’s done this alongside […]

Umbra is a new Creative Soundpack from Orchestral Tools that gives producers, musicians and sound designers a library packed with shamanic flutes, drums, percussion and a bass vocalist who hums and whispers. The unusual collection includes processed presets for pads, drones and kicks, among other inspiring sounds. Orchestral Tools says that the sound palette that […]