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RL Grime

by: Josh Stewart Oct 28, 2020 “Peace, love, and taco grease.” – Guy Fieri With the much anticipated release of RL Grime‘s Halloween IX on deck for tomorrow, October 29, it’s only right to summon the spiritual predecessor in last year’s Halloween VIII. What’s made RL’s Halloween series such a resounding success over the years […]

by: Mitchell Rose Oct 27, 2020 In 2018, RL Grime may have been at the peak of his powers. In June of that year, the trap superstar shared “Undo” with Jeremih and Torey Lanez, which would go on to be the lead single for the biggest album of Grime’s career to date, NOVA. Before he […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 25, 2020 Clawing closer to the end of October, the collective vision narrows and hones in on one standalone day. While many would assert this to be the ever adored and wickedly observed October 31, the dance music community discerns this prosperous date as October 29—the day RL Grime is set […]

by: David Klemow Oct 24, 2020 2015—firmly within trap music’s golden moment, and four years into his hair-raising Halloween mix series, RL Grime can’t seem to stop one-upping himself. By then, with three previous mixes under his belt, Henry Steinway was already anointed a trap deity at the top of his game, though, rather than […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Oct 22, 2020 In 2012, RL Grime broke ground on what would become a sonic hallmark of October: his “Halloween” mix series. RL aficionados know the narrative well, but devotee status to the trap demigod or his Sable Valley platform is certainly not a necessary precursor to comprehending “Halloween’s” impact in electronic […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 18, 2020 Chicago’s Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, has been rapidly ascending to dance music’s top echelon since he was a mere 17 years old. After three years of gearing up for its release, his debut album, Fantasy, is finally here. Fantasy refuses to be tied down to one single […]

The highly anticipated, genre-bending first album from Whethan is finally here, bringing his full musical vision to life with FANTASY. Pop-rock and alternative trap lace the entire release, but every track brings a different, distinct vibe. Whethan has made it known from the jump he will never put himself into the box — we can […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 16, 2020 After three years spent anxiously awaiting Whethan‘s elusive debut album Fantasy, fans can once again sleep at night. By featuring a different artist on all but one of its 15 tracks, the record, released on October 16, does not fall into any one electronic subgenre. Housing a star-studded tracklist, […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 4, 2020 Every October for the past eight years, long-time devotees of dance music have looked forward to RL Grime‘s infamous “Halloween” mix series. This year, not only will fans see the release of Grime’s ninth installment of the series at the end October, but also an month-long celebration of “Halloween.” […]