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Price $329 / £239 | $249.99 / £181 (per year MEGA Bundle subscription)Contact Plugin Alliance A couple of years ago, Brainworx and Plugin Alliance released a software version of the Black Box HG-2 saturator to widespread critical acclaim. Rather than rest on their laurels, the prolific developers have once again teamed up with Black Box’s […]

Price Solo $49.99/£39.99, Duo $69.99/£49.99Contact M-Audio | inMusic The latest incarnation of M-Audio‘s M-Track interfaces has been launched at a lower price point than before, destined to compete with budget, less established brands. Simplicity is key here, with only the most essential features and controls present; barebones pre-amp controls, simple mode switching for direct monitoring […]

Price $279/£279Contact Eventide Eventide is well known for its plug-ins, rackmount effects and premium multi-effect stompboxes, but more recently, they have moved into the single-effect market. The formula is to put one of their existing effects into a dual stompbox enclosure, allowing more users to access famous Eventide sounds in hardware form at a more […]

Price $149 (currently discounted to $35)Contact Waves It is virtually impossible to turn on commercial radio or listen to a pop playlist on a streaming site without hearing heavily pitch-processed vocals. Just listen to tracks by Billie Eilish or Frank Ocean. Vocal Bender from Waves is designed to recreate that sound easily and quickly without […]

Price $99.99 / £89Contact Mackie We’ve recently had a run of large 8-inch driver-equipped monitors ranging in price from many hundreds to several thousands of pounds. Not everyone has space or the bank balance to accommodate equipment of this size, and those finding themselves extremely limited in either department will welcome the compact and bijou […]

Price $119/85 (PO-133), $89/£85 (PO-128)Contact Teenage Engineering With the launch of the Capcom Series – PO-133 and PO-128 – Teenage Engineering has reskinned two of its higher-end Pocket Operators, the PO-33 and PO-28. As the Pocket Operator series has consistently impressed us, we were eager to get our hands on the new collectable POs. PO-133 […]

Price £355 eachContact Universal Audio Having spent the 21st century creating modern classics, it’s no surprise that Universal Audio possess the confidence to not just dip a toe into the turbulent effects pedal market but plunge in a whole foot. Its three UAFX pedals, Astra, Golden and Starlight come in crisp yet chunky tapered enclosures […]

Flyght Club is the moniker given to a new project from LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Shauvik Sharan. With his first single “So Alone for So Long” 2019, Shauvik introduced the Flyght Club style as a little bit jazzy and funky, a little lofi and containing a lot of emotive, honest lyrics. The sound has only […]

Price £58.99/$79Contact Toontrack Toontrack is aiming at modern electronic music producers with their latest offering, Electronic Edge. This EZX pack includes over 370 percussion sounds moulded into 30 mix-ready kits. Each sound has been sourced from acoustic recordings, old drum machines, Foley sounds and modular electronics by sound designer Richard Veenstra. He aimed to mangle […]

Price $249 or $149 UpgradeContact ROLI When ROLI released Equator back in 2015, there was great interest from the music tech world. It was the first software synthesizer built specifically for MPE (or MIDI Polyphonic Expression). This made sense since the company had also released the Seaboard RISE and their BLOCKS line of MPE controllers. […]