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According to Beatport, Subtension’s been on a bit of hiatus since his Tom Yum EP on Flexout last April. With his heavy, orchestral backgrounds and tight AF snares, the Slovakia-based producer left a bit of a gap in the heavy bass continuum, but luckily Subtension has returned with a new three-single offering, due out on NËU this […]

Price £49/$49 eachContact Spitfire Audio In late 2020, Spitfire Audio released Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations, and it rightly received widespread acclaim. The beautifully captured library gave composers access to the signature acoustics of Studio One, the live room where composers such as John Williams and James Horner defined the sound of big-budget cinema. Catering […]

Price £289Contact Behringer It’s been hard to ignore Behringer in the world of synths over the last few years. It has launched a relentless campaign of releases, bringing back classic designs at bargain prices. We’re not going to wade into the murky world of ethics, but instead, we’re here to take a look at the […]

Price £60Contact EarFun When a company claims they have a consumer audio product that outshines Sennheiser, Apple and Sony for a fraction of the price, it raises eyebrows in the MusicTech office. EarFun says that its Free Pro earbuds beat the three brand’s flagship wireless earbuds in 11 metrics, from low-latency figures to noise-cancelling to […]

If J’Moris has anything to say about it, trap hop will not be a fading fad, even as artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Migos become more commercial and search for bigger forehead diamonds. The Texas-based rapper continues his quest to tell stories through trap and show its true potential with two new singles, “Blac […]

Price £285Contact VocAlign Ultra pours many features of Synchro Arts‘ flagship Revoice Pro into a lighter, cheaper plug-in for time and pitch aligning multiple vocal tracks. Though Revoice Pro is a renowned super-tool for vocal production, it is clear from the start that VocAlign Ultra provides a thoroughly professional editing apparatus. ARA or Realtime […]

It’s definitely a bit of a misnomer to feature Nicholas Gunn in our New Artist Spotlight tag but somehow a great oversight has occurred here at YEDM and we’ve never actually featured this ambient and experimental electronica veteran. The “spotlight” bit is definitely apt, however, as Gunn’s new album, Sound Condition, deserves more than one. Having […]

Nearly a year into the pandemic, artists are continuing to present ambitious live streams. But leave it to noted technology innovator Todd Rundgren to raise the quality bar considerably with his series of virtual concerts. Dubbed the Clearly Human tour, the 25-date trek resembles an extended residency, as the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame […]

Price £240Contact Tom Wolfe Even as computer-bound synths display ever-more ingenious ways to generate appealing sounds, we often find ourselves returning to our favourite presets. There’s nothing wrong with that. Many new and exciting synths offer such complexity in modulation and real-time performance that reaching for them and having to programme sounds might interrupt our […]

Price Live Intro £69 / $99 | Live Standard £319 / $449 | Live Suite £539 / $599Contact Ableton Live has always been different from other DAWs. In many respects, it’s probably more accurate to describe it as a DAW-instrument hybrid, especially when you factor in Ableton’s hardware controller Push 2. In Session View, you […]