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Price $99/£75Contact Waves Some effects refuse to go out of fashion. Classic reverbs, compressors and EQs have found a way to write themselves into record production folklore and never lose their lustre. For those of us who work ‘in the box’, this means we’ve never had it so good; the competition between rival plug-in developers […]

Price £84 with Black Friday discountContact Soundcore Let’s face it, wireless earbuds are taking over. What does that mean for producers, engineers and sound designers? We probably won’t be using them when tweaking synth patches or during critical mixing moments but, as the market changes, it’s important for us to be aware of the audio quality of […]

Price £1,479Contact HEDD Audio Headphones come in all shapes and sizes and the new HEDDphone is a large open-back, over-ear (circumaural) design. It has a detachable cable, soft exchangeable earpads and can be adjusted to fit all potential users. And that’s pretty much where the HEDDphone’s similarity to all other models we’ve reviewed ends. Like […]

Price Seventh Heaven: £50, Seventh Heaven Professional: £230Contact LiquidSonics LiquidSonics’ Cinematic Rooms and Lustrous Plates reverb plug-ins have appeared in our previous two issues, respectively. This month, we’re going back to the plug-in that has perhaps done the most to put the UK company’s name on everyone’s lips when it comes to high-quality spatial treatments: […]

Price £63Contact United Plugins Away from the world of classic outboard gear emulations there is a whole host of innovative tools for the innumerable tasks that face producers, artists, mixers, sound designers and DJs. Transmutator has been developed by JMG Sound, under the United Plugins umbrella, to provide a crossfade and transition tool. Aside from […]

If your bass-dar happened to miss Skylark until recently when he made the nominee short list for Best Newcomer at the Drum&BassArena Awards, you wouldn’t be alone. With so much volume and innovative sound coming out of D&B this year, it’s hard to keep track. That said, it’s time to wake up on this French […]

Price £47Contact Baby Audio Baby Audio’s inaugural plug-in, I<3NY, was created whilst the company was finding its feet in the Big Apple. It’s fitting, then, that after relocating to LA, it revisits the Five Boroughs-inspired spanking machine and turns up the heat. The brand’s fourth multi-effects unit splits your signal three ways to deploy saturation […]

Price One-off Day Pass: $10 | Subscriptions: $25, $50 and $100 per monthContact ConnectionOpen The seemingly unending coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world this year has been particularly damaging for the music and entertainment industries. The losses suffered by those involved in live performances are widely publicised, but music producers and recording studios too […]

Price £279Contact Eventide | Source Distribution Advertisement The recreation of hardware devices in software form has been a common practice for around twenty years – and several companies make excellent emulations of their own products in software form. However, Eventide’s direction here is slightly less common, releasing one of its digital reverb presets and plug-ins […]

Price £190Contact iZotope This is iZotope’s first full reverb outside of its Exponential Audio imprint and, as we’ve come to expect from the Massachusetts-based company, it feels both familiar and new. There’s a preset menu, pre-delay and modulation controls, EQ curves and mix levels dotted around its edges but at the centre is a tri-colour […]