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Price $199/£219Contact Samson When many of us think of broadcast microphones, two models come to mind, the Shure SM7B and the Electro-Voice RE20. The Samson Q9U gives a tip of the hat to both in its design while adding a 24-bit, 96kHz capable USB interface without losing the analogue XLR output. The rear of the […]

Wav Loyel spent about three years experimenting with sound, production and rap style before releasing his first rash of trap-based hip hop tracks. With an obvious predilection to wordsmithing and linguistics, the Indianapolis-based artist says he’s always been writing lyrics, but the idea to put them to a beat came later. I always wrote lyrics […]

Price $249Contact The Amazonic Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is, perhaps, Earth’s most fertile ground. Home to a staggering number of animal species, it is also the birthplace of nearly 400 separate tribes of people, many of whom have their own languages and traditions. The Amazon region is also under enormous threat, with giant swathes of rainforest […]

Get ready to gasp with fear and alarm when you see Rillium’s followers on social media. In the face of the massive sounds he’s created thus far on Blackout’s Evolutions vol. 9 series with his track “Mind Trap” and on BSE’s Driving Insane Remixes EP just released last month, the fact that he doesn’t already have a rabid following […]

Price $1199/£1020Contact Analogue Solutions Analogue Solutions has been in the synthesis game for over 25 years. It started creating analogue synth and drum modules when others were embracing DSP-based virtual-analogue synthesis, with its allure of massive polyphony, almost infinite modulation possibilities and the big sell of built-in effects. We’re now in a world that embraces […]

Price Pro: £499; updates from £85 | Artist: £284; updates from £68 | Elements: £85; updates from £25Contact Steinberg Apple’s new direction in CPUs is causing something of a stir in the world of music production, with software manufacturers working their socks off to ensure their products are compatible with the new Apple Silicon processors. […]

Price £1199Contact Imperative Audio | Studiospares The Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) package is impressively substantial, with a shipping carton large enough to tempt one to climb inside. Removing the black bag containing the packed PVB is best carried out by two people, as is the whole assembly, though it is possible solo, as I found […]

Those familiar with GForce will be excited by their latest foray into the virtual instrument world: their version of the classic SEM-loaded Oberheim 8-Voice, dubbed OB-E. For the uninitiated, SEM stands for Synthesizer Expansion Module, which is the root of the classic, fat Oberheim sound. And, in the case of OB-E, there are eight of […]

Price €99Contact Denise Audio Plug-in manufacturer denise has been consistently releasing excellent plug-ins for the last few years. Their ambience effects, such as Perfect Room, are now regular features of our mixes. However, their latest plug-in is a dynamics processor designed to serve all your compression needs. Dragon Fire has many things in common with […]

In February, Korsakov Music re-introduced house producer Barely Royal as Sovryn and released his scorcher of a debut EP, Static Vision. An eclectic mix of melodic dancefloor and punishing neuro-inspired chugging synths, the newly minted Sovryn showed that he could party with the big D&B boys tech-wise. It was only a matter of time before a […]