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Price £1199Contact Imperative Audio | Studiospares The Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) package is impressively substantial, with a shipping carton large enough to tempt one to climb inside. Removing the black bag containing the packed PVB is best carried out by two people, as is the whole assembly, though it is possible solo, as I found […]

Abbey Road Studios will open its doors to the public for one week this summer, offering fans a rare look inside the legendary recording studio. The Abbey Road: Open House tour comes as part of the recording studio’s 90th anniversary celebrations this year. From 9 to 15 August, fans will be able to visit all […]

Abbey Road Studios is giving fans a chance to take home a piece of the historic studio. Don’t count on picking up the Studer J37 tape machine used on Sgt. Pepper, though – rather, the studio is releasing a collectible paperweight of original XLR connectors encased in resin. Up for grabs are 46 unique XLR […]

Røde has rolled out a free simple recording platform for owners of the NT-USB Mini microphones. Røde Connect lets you connect up to four microphones to a single computer and is aimed at streamers and podcasters. Røde Connect offers a straightforward way to connect multiple USB microphones with no complex routing needed. There are also […]

Price £2262Contact Heritage Audio Heritage Audio is based in Madrid, but its latest product, a 1U rackmount channel strip, has its roots firmly planted in the UK. Based on the designs of the late, great Rupert Neve, the Britstrip combines a single-channel 1073-style mic preamplifier with EQ, supplementing the signal path with a diode bridge […]

Despite the seismic advances in virtual-instrument technology and the increasingly diverse range of popular soundtrack styles throughout all manner of media, the piano remains an object of eternal love and devotion. The instrument plays an enormous part in everything from contemporary TV shows such as Broadchurch and 13 Reasons Why to countless independent and blockbuster […]

It feels like everyone has a podcast right now. For music producers, it’s fantastic – if you can sift through the noise of food, politics and comedy ‘casts. We’ve done the hard work for you here and plundered into the podcasting platforms to find the best music technology shows out there. Music production professionals have […]

With their complex interfaces and shiny, animated LEDs, music equipment is a great choice for set designers looking for futuristic set design. But, if you recognise the equipment from your own studio – and it’s doing something other than making music – it can be a struggle to suspend your disbelief. For example, you may […]

IK Multimedia has introduced another update to its iRig series with iRig Pre 2. The portable preamp and audio interface provides 48v phantom power and an XLR input for recording to iOS devices, Android phones and DSLR cameras. The iRig Pre 2 sports a 3.5mm TRS headphone output for direct monitoring and auto-switching to instantly […]

American podcasting publisher iHeartRadio has big plans for podcasting, with its parent company iHeartMedia announcing iHeart 3D Audio and its venture into binaural podcasting. The new method of podcast production is designed to place listeners into an audio soundscape for a more immersive experience. iHeartRadio intends on implementing the feature into podcasts with a focus […]