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IK Multimedia has introduced another update to its iRig series with iRig Pre 2. The portable preamp and audio interface provides 48v phantom power and an XLR input for recording to iOS devices, Android phones and DSLR cameras. The iRig Pre 2 sports a 3.5mm TRS headphone output for direct monitoring and auto-switching to instantly […]

American podcasting publisher iHeartRadio has big plans for podcasting, with its parent company iHeartMedia announcing iHeart 3D Audio and its venture into binaural podcasting. The new method of podcast production is designed to place listeners into an audio soundscape for a more immersive experience. iHeartRadio intends on implementing the feature into podcasts with a focus […]

WINNER: Warm Audio Bus Comp Price £650Contact Warm Audio A company with previous when it comes to bringing the sound of those glorious keystone products of the past to contemporary audiences, Texas-based Warm Audio’s take on VCA mix-bus compression was a revelation upon its release in early 2020. The Bus-Comp is an all-analogue two-channel stereo […]

Award-winning engineer Dani Bennett Spragg has achieved a huge amount in what seems like a short amount of time, working with Noel Gallagher, The Amazons, Jarvis Cocker, Baxter Drury and even The Rolling Stones. And she’s worked alongside production heavyweights Alan Mulder, Flood and Catherine J Marks. But how will she be able to reconcile […]

Price £1,000Contact Black Lion Audio | SVC Distribution Chicago’s Black Lion Audio has built a pretty enviable reputation by modding gear to release its full potential. These days though, the company also produces high-performance kit from scratch. Like the brand’s excellent Seventeen, a supercharged take on the legendary Urei 1176 compressor/limiter – the new Eighteen […]

One of the biggest names in rock production, Butch Vig became a household name when he produced Nirvana’s Nevermind and has worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and loads more. As a founding member of Garbage, he’s also a multi-platinum selling artist. Take a trip into studio dreamland as we cook up a studio fit […]

Price One-off Day Pass: $10 | Subscriptions: $25, $50 and $100 per monthContact ConnectionOpen The seemingly unending coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world this year has been particularly damaging for the music and entertainment industries. The losses suffered by those involved in live performances are widely publicised, but music producers and recording studios too […]

No gain or volume adjustments are needed on Zoom’s new F2 field recorder, as the brand has touted its “smallest and lightest recorder ever” to offer recording with 32-bit float technology. The F2 is positioned as a recording device for podcasters, videographers, journalists and other creators on the move. It’s a discrete device that clips […]