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Queen have announced a new mobile game that allows fans to play along to the band’s classic hits. Queen: Rock Tour is the group’s first official game, available now on Android and iOS devices. A press release announcing the app promises it allows players to “fully immerse themselves into the world of Queen.” Gameplay follows like-minded […]

Roger Taylor denied rumors that Queen wanted to hire George Michael as singer following the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. “I remember hearing the rumors, but it wouldn’t have suited us,” the drummer recently told Classic Rock. “George wasn’t really used to working with a live band. When he heard the power he had behind […]

Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have revealed that they tried recording a new song with current singer Adam Lambert, but they ultimately opted to keep the track unreleased. “We did record a song which we haven’t actually finished,” Taylor admitted to Classic Rock magazine. “I can’t remember what it’s called. I think […]

Brian May has discovered a recording of one of the earliest shows that Queen ever performed. He gave the news to Classic Rock, saying, “We’re always looking at finding stuff that is historically important. And this one tape that cropped up very recently which I am excited about, which is one of the first gigs […]

Queen‘s “I Want to Break Free” scores a new Super Bowl commercial, in which mysteriously flattened actor Matthew McConaughey needs Doritos to once again become three dimensional. “Lately I just haven’t been feeling like myself,” McConaughey’s narration begins, as the flatten versioned of himself gets out of bed and performs everyday events such as brushing […]

There’s no denying the enduring attraction of Queen’s music, but the fandom goes far beyond the average music lover. With distinctive songwriting, revolutionary recording techniques and one of the most iconic frontmen in rock history, the band crafted songs that continue to captivate generations of listeners. So it should come as no surprise that Queen have […]

Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor appeared on Japanese TV on New Year’s Eve, taking part in a star-studded song performance. The pair joined in remotely with a rendition of X Japan’s 1989 song “Endless Rain,” written by band leader Yoshiki, who was also seen on screen. The clip is available below. “Brian and […]

Brian May said he only recently discovered that Van Halen covered the Queen song “Now I’m Here,” which he wrote in 1974. The American band’s version was recorded at a high-school concert the year after its original release on the Queen album Sheer Heart Attack. Even though he got to know Eddie Van Halen later, May didn’t know about Van […]

Queen announced a trio of new Funko Pop! figures inspired by singer Freddie Mercury and the band’s 1977 LP, News of the World. The two Mercury figures draw on a pair of the late frontman’s famous stage looks: One shows the bare-chested singer decked out like royalty in a cape and crown, seemingly a reference […]

Freddie Mercury was near death when Brian May showed him a scene from the then-unreleased movie Wayne’s World. In the clip – which has become one of the most celebrated in rock-movie history – the lead characters are seen head-banging to the Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” By the time Wayne’s World was released in February 1992, […]