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by: Austria Masim May 11, 2021 Carl Cox is teaming up with WaterBear – The College of Music (of Brighton, England) to award a scholarship to one exemplary student seeking entry to the university’s new bachelor’s course in Electronic Music and Business, slated to launch in September. The degree course, conceptualized to teach students the […]

Huge, luscious pads can be great for filling out the soundstage or adding a bit of ambience. While your favourite soft synth is likely chock full of pre-programmed pads, there’s something to be said for making your own. With so much music being released to streaming platforms every day, a little originality can go a […]

In partnership with BandLab When Bitwig introduced the Polymer synthesizer in Bitwig Studio 3.3 late last year, it accomplished several objectives. Firstly, it provided a simple but versatile way to quickly dial up a wealth of high-quality synth sounds. Polymer lets you mix and match many oscillator, filter and amp envelope types to create custom […]

In partnership with BandLab Sampling exposed drum parts and turning them into breakbeats is a popular production technique that will never go away. However, clearing those samples can be a legal minefield, so many musicians opt to create their own breaks using drum machines instead, before resampling and processing them to lend them a more […]

Email info@blank-studios.comWebsite | blank-studios.comInstagram @samgrantproducer | @blankstudios Key kit Sam Grant is the guitarist and producer for Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, an English rock band based in Newcastle. Blank Studios, co-founded by Sam and two other producers, is where Sam actualises the band’s vision, along with the visions of other artists and […]

Virtuoso, the online virtual music classroom, is hosting masterclass sessions from Afrodeutsche, Moonchild Sanely and Yasmin Evans. The first session with Afrodeutsche has already taken place, but is available online to view now. Afrodeutsche, real name Henrietta Smith-Rolla, is a composer, producer and DJ who has worked with Aphex Twin, Carl Craig, and teamed up […]

Justice, the new album from Justin Bieber, is out today. While it’s not normally a project that would appear on Your EDM, one track in particular raised eyebrows earlier this week when it was revealed that Skrillex and Virtual Riot had a hand in creating it. Skrillex also co-produced an additional two tracks, “Somebody” and […]

Abbey Road Red, a subsidiary of Abbey Road Studios, has acquired Audiomovers, a tech start-up that has provided a vital service to music producers throughout the pandemic. Audiomovers, founded in 2017, is a remote recording solution that lets musicians and producers stream, record and listen to multichannel audio in realtime. It comprises a set of […]

It feels like everyone has a podcast right now. For music producers, it’s fantastic – if you can sift through the noise of food, politics and comedy ‘casts. We’ve done the hard work for you here and plundered into the podcasting platforms to find the best music technology shows out there. Music production professionals have […]

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards were held last night (14 March), with a variety of music producers and soundtrackers taking home awards for their work. The eligibility period for a Grammy was anything made from 1 Sept 2019 to 31 Aug 2020, so there are some winners from late 2019. This includes Kaytranada, whose BUBBA […]