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Price $149 (currently discounted to $35)Contact Waves It is virtually impossible to turn on commercial radio or listen to a pop playlist on a streaming site without hearing heavily pitch-processed vocals. Just listen to tracks by Billie Eilish or Frank Ocean. Vocal Bender from Waves is designed to recreate that sound easily and quickly without […]

Spitfire Audio is back with another entry to its free LABS virtual instrument series: LABS Percussion. The software instrument features drum hits, shakers, timbales, cowbells and congas. According to the brand, the sounds are ideal for “media composition and electronic production alike”. Samples were recorded by producer-musicians Edward Scull and Sebastian Truman at Rosewood Studios […]

Building on his OSC/Pilot performance tool, Deadmau5 has announced the availability of the OSC/PAR plug-in for macOS and Windows. The software lets you stream musical elements from your DAW to any OSC-equipped musical device over wifi or local connection to help perform a nuanced live set. OSC/PAR transmits four types of data using the OSC […]

Price £58.99/$79Contact Toontrack Toontrack is aiming at modern electronic music producers with their latest offering, Electronic Edge. This EZX pack includes over 370 percussion sounds moulded into 30 mix-ready kits. Each sound has been sourced from acoustic recordings, old drum machines, Foley sounds and modular electronics by sound designer Richard Veenstra. He aimed to mangle […]

UK startup company ODDSound has teamed up with Aphex Twin and musical software developers to create MTS-ESP, a plug-in and software suite that lets you re-tune your projects beyond traditional western-world tunings. The 12 Tones of Equal Temperament, or 12 TET, has been the common tuning for western music for over 500 years. ODDSound considers […]

Spitfire Audio has once again teamed up with Abbey Road Studios on its latest instrument, Mrs Mills Piano, which samples the historic piano heard on such Beatles hits as Penny Lane and With A Little Help From My Friends. Mrs Mills Piano – which arrives under Spitfire’s Originals series – presents a 1905 Steinway Vertegrand […]

Max For Live is an incredibly useful feature for Ableton Live. As well as allowing users to create and share their plug-ins, Ableton has included its own Max For Live devices in its DAW. The five devices included are perfect tools for turning Live into a modular environment, allowing you to modulate parameters on multiple […]

Price €39.99Contact HoRNet Plugins Bus compression, analogue and digital, has long existed in the shadow of the SSL G Series classic, so it is refreshing not to see its industry-standard features replicated in the SyncPressor from HoRNet Plugins. What’s different about this compressor is that it uses tempo as the basis for attack and release times, and […]

Music producer and content creator Hainbach has created Motor in collaboration with AudioThing. Motor is an affordable plug-in that uses side-chaining to make two independent signals crossfade between each other in unusual and enchanting ways. To celebrate the release, Look Mum No Computer went out of his way to create a hardware version, too. The […]

Price €299.99Contact IK Multimedia IK Multimedia is known to many for its affordable mobile audio interfaces and controllers. However, they started out designing software that emulated hardware with their T-RackS and Amplitube products. MixBox follows the software tradition and groups several existing products into a virtual 500 series rack. Among the modules are guitar amp […]