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by: Dancing Astronaut Staff Jan 15, 2021 Live events may be returning to New York as soon as next month, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. While some are writing off the idea as optimistic at best, the planned return to live sports, music, and arts is bolstered by an impending increase of COVID-19 vaccinations and […]

by: Jessica Mao Dec 28, 2020 In a new interview, Carl Cox reflects on effects of the pandemic, divulging not only his opinions on partying, but also where the industry goes from here. Having been a figure in the evolution of dance music through the years, from the height of the UK superclub scene to […]

A coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is expected to be widely available to Americans by June 2021. Earlier this week, Pfizer and BioNTech announced the United States had agreed to purchase an additional wave of 100 million doses, bringing the total order of COVID-19 vaccines to 200 million. The government is prepared to pay $1.95 billion for […]

by: Josh Stewart Nov 5, 2020 A German study highlighted that concerts can in fact be safe during the coronavirus pandemic if certain measures are followed. Specifically, findings from the study indicated the risk for COVID-19 spread to be “low to very low” in concert settings presuming that the venue has adequate ventilation. This finding […]

by: Dancing Astronaut Staff Oct 2, 2020 Organizers of Lights All Night, Texas’ premier New Year’s Eve festival, have cancelled the 2020 event. While half expected, the woeful news is a subtle and sometimes necessary reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic remains in a tender state. A social media statement from Lights All Night coordinators makes […]

There’s no realm of the music industry that has gone unscathed in the midst of this year’s global pandemic. One of the groups most at risk are independent music venues, which rely almost entirely on regular events at their establishments. Without events, staff are let go and rent goes unpaid, threatening to decimate an important […]