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Nick Mason

Nick Mason left The Wall behind before Pink Floyd even finished mixing the troubled project, determined to reengage with music again. He ended up in New York, working with the talented jazz pianist and bandleader Carla Bley. It wasn’t always as much of a left turn as it sounded, though Mason took pains back then […]

For Nick Mason, everything old is new again. He’s leading Saucerful of Secrets through a return trip to his pre-Dark Side of the Moon days with Pink Floyd, but – as the recently released Live at the Roundhouse project shows – this isn’t another snoozy rerun. They’re adding fresh perspective while making bold choices. Songs […]

Pink Floyd‘s first attempt at recording a follow-up to “See Emily Play” in October 1967 ended with a shower of laughter. Maybe they never really got serious about “Vegetable Man,” though at one point it was apparently scheduled as a B-side. The Syd Barrett song ended up sitting unfinished and unreleased for decades. Then drummer Nick […]