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Netflix has purchased Christian Bale‘s upcoming horror thriller The Pale Blue Eye for a record fee at the virtual European Film Market. The rights to the film were purchased for $55million (£39m) by the streaming service, reported by Deadline as the highest fee ever for a worldwide deal at the EFM. Scott Cooper will write […]

Steven Spielberg and Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers are adapting Stephen King’s The Talisman for Netflix. The fantasy epic was first published in 1984, and tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who goes on a journey to save his dying mother. As The Hollywood Reporter report, Spielberg has held the rights to the […]

Netflix has shared a trailer for the second part of its hit French thriller series Lupin – take a look below. Lupin premiered on Netflix on January 8, 2021, releasing the first five episodes of the series in one go. The streaming giant confirmed later that month that the second part, another five episodes, would be […]

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has revealed that he’s set to release a ‘tell-all’ memoir this year. After teasing an upcoming announcement earlier this week – “the cat will be out of the bag,” he said – full details of the new book have now been revealed. Tiger King: The Official Tell-All Memoir is set […]

Carole Baskin has revealed she is working on a new TV series that will delve into the abuse of big cats. The animal rights activist, who rose to fame last year in Netflix‘s Tiger King, said in a new interview that she has a show in development that will spotlight what she’s been focused on […]

Netflix subscribers have today (March 3) been complaining of error messages and service outages. According to outage tracker site DownDetector, there were 1,602 reports of outages earlier this morning, with users citing a “Something went wrong” notice on their accounts. NME has contacted Netflix for comment. Another service message read: “Sorry, we’re having trouble with […]

Joe Exotic has hired new lawyers and is seeking another trial. It comes after the Tiger King star, who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for animal abuse charges and a murder-for-hire plot against his rival Carole Baskin, teased a “major announcement” yesterday (March 2). Today (March 3), it was announced that he now has […]

Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s 1979 short story Sandkings is being made into a Netflix movie. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is teaming up with original Utopia creator Dennis Kelly on the project. Verbinski told Collider: “One of the screenplays [I’m working on] is based on a George R.R. Martin short story […]

Snowpiercer actress Jennifer Connolly has teased upcoming season two episodes of the post-apocalyptic drama series. Connolly, who portrays Melanie Cavill in the series, went into some detail about her character in a new interview. The show, which is airing its second season on Netflix, sees episodes released on a weekly basis and is currently on […]

Joe Exotic has teased a “major announcement” arriving tomorrow (March 3). The Tiger King star, who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for animal abuse charges and a murder-for-hire plot against his rival Carole Baskin, tweeted the news yesterday (March 1). “Major announcement will be made on Wednesday of this week. Every News station, […]