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by: Ross Goldenberg Apr 9, 2021 Rising from a flawlessly timed comeback teaser on January 21, 2021 at 21:21 CEST, AREA21 have fixed all eyes on their impending reinstatement. Nearly two whole years have come and gone since Martin Garrix and Maejor put forth any space-bound material under their genre-bending alias, but Garrix let the […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Apr 5, 2021 Five full years of STMPD RCRDS have officially come and gone following the label’s foundation through Martin Garrix, John Martin, and Michel Zitron‘s “Now That I’ve Found You” at the top of March in 2016. Now one of the most-decorated electronic imprints, STMPD RCRDS is extending its half-decade festivities with a […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Mar 24, 2021 10 never-before-heard IDs in one set. That’s just an anomaly even by Ultra‘s standards, and we all know the Miami mainstay to be the birthing grounds for unheard music. Martin Garrix hadn’t entirely inducted his new progressive-laden sound yet by the time that March 2016 crept up, but with […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Feb 24, 2021 Ever since NUZB enrolled in the STMPD RCRDS ranks during the summer of 2020, the Brazilian act has only defended both how and why he earned Martin Garrix‘s attention. After assembling his forthcoming RetroFuture EP with a four-piece of multi-skilled numbers that land across all edges of the house […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Feb 16, 2021 Seth Hills has repeatedly solidified a case to be one of house music’s most rose-colored names, and after a five-course release menu in 2020, the STMPD RCRDS standout is masterfully airing out his evolution as he enters the new year. Partnering up beside fellow Dutchman Vluarr as well as […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Feb 12, 2021 Matisse & Sadko broadcasted that they’d be publishing monthly wins on the STMPD RCRDS calendar beginning in February in an exclusive one-on-one with Dancing Astronaut, and they’re now cashing in on that pledge. Presented as the maiden ID to Martin Garrix’s set at Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve virtual celebration, […]

Martin Garrix just dropped a club ready slow burner, “Pressure” featuring Tove Lo. The highly anticipated collaboration explores a deep soundscape set at 115 bpm, sure to turn heads of pop and dance lovers alike. Seductive vocals and an alluring bassline draw us in, as Garrix offers a complimentary groove to Tove Lo’s vocal prowess. […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Feb 5, 2021 Martin Garrix is back. Look at the past half-decade and beyond, and there’s a decisive argument to be made that whenever Martin Garrix has tried his hand at an unheard-of direction in the context of his own release history, whether it be his then-newfound house route on “Forbidden Voices,” […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Feb 3, 2021 Progressive house has discernibly experienced its share of ebbs and flows since its bloom across the early 2010’s, but fast forward to present day, and just a handful of names have not only stood the test of time but also masterfully acclimated a sense of self as palatably as Matisse […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Jan 30, 2021 Few moments are more sacred than the reprieve Saturday night provides from the daily grind of school and work. Its importance is meant to be emphasized, and thus, a feature dedicated to “doing the night right” was born. Saturday Night Sessions are set around energizing mixes meant to get […]