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Lost Kings

by: Farrell Sweeney Mar 4, 2021 The star studded collaboration fans have been waiting for featuring Loud Luxury, GASHI, and Ship Wrek has arrived. Titled “Amnesia,” the single gives Loud Luxury fans the house sound they love, while adding a spicy new twist thanks to Ship Wrek’s influence and GASHI’s smooth vocals. “Amnesia” is the […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Dec 8, 2020 Lost Kings simply do not attach anything but high-grade production to their name. With every branch of their It’s Not You EP, Lost Kings have managed to both imaginatively reengineer their execution and maintain the precise charm that has propelled the Los Angeles duo to their current footing, and […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Nov 10, 2020 There were minimal reservations surrounding Lost Kings‘ fifth EP before its rollout even commenced. With the latest single landing and subsequently, three pieces attached, the Los Angeles duo have unfailingly hit the musical jackpot with each and every extension. Nestling itself beside previous releases “Hurt” with DeathbyRomy as well as […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Oct 3, 2020 It would take an unreasonable amount of time to attempt to pinpoint a sole most cherished release from Lost Kings, spanning all the way from admirable releases like “Phone Down” in 2016 to their forthcoming EP’s lead single, “Hurt” with DeathbyRomy. After submitting the introductory It’s Not You single […]