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James Bond

Sir Sean Connery, best known as the first actor to portray James Bond on the big screen, has died at the age of 90 of undisclosed causes. According to the BBC, Connery died overnight in his sleep. The report quoting his son Jason, who said that his father had “had many of his family who could be in […]

The thing about the James Bond movies before Daniel Craig took over the role is that their violence, no matter how over-the-top, always seemed detached from reality. In some ways, 007-style violence wasn’t too far removed from Wile E. Coyote getting an anvil dropped on his head. The Roger Moore era especially turned the super-spy into more of a […]

Rami Malek has opened up about how difficult it was psychologically to play No Time To Die Bond villain, Safin. The Bohemian Rhapsody star previously gave an insight into 007’s nemesis, describing him as a “very frightening character”. Now he has spoken further and explained how tough it was to portray the role. Advertisement “When […]

Released Oct. 26, 2015, Spectre had immense potential. In three previous movies as James Bond, Daniel Craig had successfully reinvigorated the franchise back to box-office heights and critical acclaim. So what happened? Skyfall, from 2012, was able to restore some measure of playfulness to the franchise without sacrificing the hard-edged grit of the new iteration. More importantly, it had […]

The producers of No Time To Die have revealed they used 8,400 gallons of Coca-Cola to make a cobbled street less slippery for a James Bond motorbike stunt. According to stunt boss Lee Morrison, Daniel Craig devised the trick allowing his stunt double rider Paul Edwards to hit a 25ft ramp at 60mph, clear a […]

Actress and model Margaret Nolan, who appeared in the Beatles’ first film, A Hard Day’s Night, and the James Bond movie Goldfinger the same year, died on Oct. 5 at the age of 76, her son Oscar Deeks confirmed to Variety. Nolan played a woman at a casino in the Fab Four’s comedy, which was released in July 1964. […]

Actress Margaret Nolan, who appeared in A Hard Day’s Night and James Bond film Goldfinger, has passed away aged 76. The star’s death was confirmed by her son Oscar Deeks to Variety, as well as director Edgar Wright, the latter of whom cast her in his upcoming film Last Night in Soho. Nolan famously played […]

Vue boss Tim Richards has said cinemas “will survive” the COVID-19 crisis, following the delay of James Bond film No Time To Die. The chief executive made the statement following the postponement of the blockbuster, and in light of Cineworld choosing to close all of their cinemas and Odeon switching to weekend-only opening times for a […]

Never Say Never Again was initially famous for what it brought back – the original James Bond, Sean Connery – but then later best known for what it lacked. Connery famously walked away after 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever, leaving little doubt where he stood: “I have always hated that damned James Bond,” he said back […]

by: Dancing Astronaut Staff Oct 5, 2020 While Mark Ronson‘s submission for the latest, and long-delayed, Bond installment didn’t make the cut as the upcoming film’s theme song, fans will get to hear the unreleased demo after all—and luckily, for a good cause, too. While thematic duties ultimately went to Billie Eilish, Ronson’s shelved “No […]