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Price €199, €399 (MAX), €149 (SE)Contact IK Multimedia The fifth iteration of Amplitube is the most significant since its first revision around 15 years ago. The most apparent change served up by Amplitube 5 is the switch to a split-screen, drag-and-drop interface with the modules/gear above and the routing chain below. The ‘gear’ is now […]

Price £440/$429Contact Strymon For pedal aficionados, Strymon releases are always worth exploring. Its most famous pedals include the TimeLine Delay and the BigSky Reverb pedal, with the latter lending its qualities to this new model. The NightSky is a stereo time-warped reverb unit and contains sockets for both left and right on the rear. The […]

Nembrini Audio is giving away the Clon Minotaur plug-in, a digital recreation of the Klon Centaur – a coveted drive pedal for guitars that can fetch prices of over $3,000 on the used market. Fortunately, you won’t have to scour auction pages to get your hands on the Clon Minotaur, just sign up for an […]

Price £355 eachContact Universal Audio Having spent the 21st century creating modern classics, it’s no surprise that Universal Audio possess the confidence to not just dip a toe into the turbulent effects pedal market but plunge in a whole foot. Its three UAFX pedals, Astra, Golden and Starlight come in crisp yet chunky tapered enclosures […]

The latest edition of Softube’s Volume series adds four more premium plug-ins to a growing bundle of deeply discounted software. New additions from Volume Five include Weiss EQ MP, Amp Room and the Marshall Cabinet Collection expansion, as well as the Statement Lead polyphonic synth. Softube collaborated with leading brands on quite a number of […]

German music retailer Thomann has launched a free service that lets shoppers try out guitar pedals in real-time over the internet before they buy. Stompenberg FX stars 150 pedals from brands ranging from TC Electronic and Boss, to MXR and Walrus Audio. The effects aren’t mere software emulations, either. Their physical circuits are housed in […]

Price £615Contact Boss You’re just as likely to see Boss pedals under the feet of a guitarist, as you are in a tabletop electronica set-up. And the GT-1000CORE is seemingly tailored for both axe folk and knob-twiddlers alike, compressing the brains of the brand’s flagship GT-1000 into a compact stereo unit. Backed by an array […]

The creator of a sensational COVID-19 vaccine hoax – which involved the idea of a ‘5G Chip’ and the schematic for a guitar pedal – has come forward to explain their actions. In December 2020, conspiracy theorists in Italy warned of a ‘5G Chip’ they claimed was being planted in COVID-19 vaccines for personal tracking. […]

Price £180 or £90 UpdateContact Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro is a legendary processing workstation. Like many of the hardware counterparts from decades before its existence, Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig has slowly become a staple of software-based multi-effects processing. At its core, the program is an effective emulator of classic tones from amps, pedals and […]

Conspiracy theorists in Italy are warning the public about a ‘5G Chip’ they claim has been planted in COVID-19 vaccines. However, the widely circulated image of the chip in question has been outed as a reworked schematic for the Boss Metal Zone pedal. The image shows a diagram for the alleged ‘COVID 5G Chip’ – […]