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There seem to be more new loop packs each month than anyone has any business keeping track of. However, we’ve done exactly that to bring you our top picks. This time we have an eclectic mix that ranges from soulful keys and guitar-driven trailer sounds to drum ‘n’ bass and synthwave riffs. And, if you’re […]

In this monthly round-up, we bring you the best freeware we’ve seen from across the web to use on your tunes. This time, we have a pitch-tracking harmonic generator, a smart gate, a DX7 piano emulator and more. Bedroom Producers Blog HY-ESG Bedroom Producers Blog has teamed up with HY-Plugins to release this clever gate […]

After already dropping cash on a microphone, headphones and maybe even a new DAW, spending yet more money on an audio interface with bells and whistles can feel like unnecessary pain for your wallet. However, it’s an essential component in most recording setups. These are our picks for the best audio interfaces you can pick […]

Not everyone has access to high-end soft synths and prestige hardware synths. But most of us do have access to a smartphone. Thanks to some savvy developers, you can harness the power of vintage synth icons such as the Moog Minimoog in the palm of your hand. New, original synths are available, too, with unique […]

Whether you plan to speak on camera or be an invisible voice in the ether, you’ll want to sound your best when you hit record and start podcasting. The Blue Microphones Yeti and Shure SM7B are ubiquitous among podcasters, but there are many more options available. We’re sure one of the following mics will meet […]

Although software synths are outrageously powerful and affordable, getting hands-on with their hardware counterparts is often a more fluid and creative experience. This used to be an expensive affair – a Yamaha DX7 would set you back $1,995 upon its initial 1983 release. But music technology companies have been working hard to abolish the need […]

Following on from our list of best audio interfaces under $300, we’re slightly stepping up the price bracket to see how much more power you can get on a budget. If you’ve got a small band to record or a few of your own instruments to hook up to your DAW, these audio interfaces are […]

In partnership with Orchestral Tools Close your eyes, just for a second. Think of a string section. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend a gig with live string players, you’re probably visualising a semi-circular group of musicians facing towards the middle of the front of the stage, maybe with a conductor waving a baton […]

Even though Black Friday is behind us, there are still some great deals out there for producers during the festive season. If you’re looking for something fun to gift yourself or another producer, we’ve got just the stocking-fillers for you. Contents Fun hardware This section is all about affordable instruments and controllers – fun and […]

This year’s Black Friday will be different for retail store shoppers, but it’s pretty much business as usual for us plug-in patrons. Software developers and marketplaces are all planning on slashing prices for Black Friday, so we’ve compiled a list of the best online deals for new plug-ins, DAWs, samples and subscriptions. Plugin Boutique has […]