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In recent years, the edits scene has gone into overdrive, progressing the DJ world from the often crude but fun mash-ups of the 2manydjs heyday into an evolution of the 70s disco edit movement. There are 99 terrible edits for every good one, lazily and messily cobbled together and not offering anything that enhances the […]

There’s something magical about the clank of the motor starting up, the gentle movement of the tonearm and that familiar, warm crackle emanating from your speakers as you settle back and enjoy your favourite album on vinyl. But setting up a turntable system at home requires some thought. While many might seek to prescribe expensive […]

We’ve scoured the Internet once again to bring you our list of the top freeware releases this month, which include high-quality plug-ins that would give some commercial releases a run for their money. From virtual instruments, and audio processors, to top-notch effects and filters, there’s something for everyone. Clark Audio – Lo-Fi Keys VST Advertisement […]

We’ve scoured the Internet once again to bring you an enticing and varied round-up of top-notch sample releases for May. This includes some genuinely epic vocal instruments, loose and funky drum grooves, chilled out loops, heavy-weight club sounds, plus some free acoustic guitar and synth sounds. 1. Resonance Sound – SOR Shhh I Am Speaking […]

For many listeners, Bluetooth is now the default route for delivering pristine audio to your headphones. The benefits of Bluetooth cans now far exceed those of their wired predecessors thanks to the increased fidelity of new compression standards such as aptX and Sony’s LDAC, the control over other functions of your phone, and the prevalence […]

The spread of features that most DAWs provide these days are so advanced, there’s hardly an effect you can dream up that can’t somehow be programmed in-the-box. So, why bother passing signals – whether it’s an analogue synth or your own vocals – through a guitar pedal? Well, for one thing, because they’re just so […]

With the home becoming the primary venue for music listening over the last 12 months, it’s no surprise if you’re dissatisfied with the basic functionality of a sole Bluetooth speaker. So if you dream of flitting room to room as your favourite tunes follow you around, then a smart multi-room audio system may be for […]

Over the last ten years, the purchase of portable Bluetooth speakers has become an essential consideration for music listeners. Whether to be used while lounging in the park, hosting (socially distanced) outdoor parties or just moving one around the home in lieu of a multi-room speaker system, Bluetooth speakers have come a long way, shedding […]

Rotary DJ mixers may seem like a contemporary fad but the reality is quite the contrary. DJs began their reign on these knob-laden machines back in the 70s, with the first few mixers including UREI’s 1620 and Bozak’s CMA-10-DL2. Their revival was, in part, thanks to the release of the portable E&S DJR 400, showcasing […]

There seem to be more new loop packs each month than anyone has any business keeping track of. However, we’ve done precisely that to bring you our top picks. This months selection includes finely crafted synth basses, beautiful, soulful vocals, radio-ready piano riffs, and rare Greek instruments. You can also grab a tasty selection of […]