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Dragon Fire is Denise Audio’s new plug-in that uses tonal compression and proprietary Shape technology to tame and colour your dynamics. The compressor’s sound can be fine-tuned with multiple features, whether you’re after a vintage sound or something clean. Denise’s new plug-in inherits some features from the rest of its family. Most notably, Dragon Fire […]

In this round-up, we recap the biggest and best news of February 2021, giving you a comprehensive overview of announcements, product releases and new freeware you might have missed. Obituaries Rupert Neve, the innovator who was responsible for designing the modern mixing desk and subsequent coveted gear, passed away at 94. Neil Young, Bob Dylan […]

Qu-Bit, the makers of some pretty eclectic Eurorack modules, has launched Cascade, described as a “ratcheting envelope generator” with an onboard VCA and four internal sound sources. Cascade is foremost an envelope generator but offers unique sounds through the interactions of its internal features. It processes external audio through its envelope, in AD, ASR, ADSR […]

Reason Studios has unveiled a new instrument for its DAW. Algoritm is a nine-operator FM synth that gives users more control over their sound design and easily lets beginners and experts create inspirational patches. This is Reason’s first new instrument since the introduction of Reason+. Although FM synthesis found its feet in the 80s, this […]

Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios has announced the opening of the Red Room, a room primed for smaller production and mixing projects. The Red Room offers sonic perfection with a “musicians first” ethos, the Real World team says. The Somerset studio is renowned across the world, with everyone from Beyonce, New Order, Gary Barlow, Kanye […]

German music retailer Thomann has launched a free service that lets shoppers try out guitar pedals in real-time over the internet before they buy. Stompenberg FX stars 150 pedals from brands ranging from TC Electronic and Boss, to MXR and Walrus Audio. The effects aren’t mere software emulations, either. Their physical circuits are housed in […]

Softube and Empirical Labs have partnered up on three new software titles. Mike-E Comp and Lil FrEQ are designed for DAWs, and Trak Pak is built for the Softube’s hybrid mixing system, Console 1. The Mike-E Comp is based on the classic ELI Distressor with preamp stage, and promises analogue-sounding compression and saturation in an […]

Music software developer GForce has unveiled its emulation of the Oberheim 8-Voice after over two years in the making. The GForce OB-E plug-in is an authentic model of the original polysynth icon and is the first virtual instrument with complete per-voice control, alongside new creative additions such as an eight-step sequencer. GForce OB-E is built […]

The wait is finally over: Ableton Live 11 has launched, bringing along a host of community-requested features and new tools for production and live performance. Read our review below. Major new features on the production side include comping and linked-track editing, MPE compatibility and of course, all-new devices such as Hybrid Reverb, which combines convolution […]

IK Multimedia has introduced another update to its iRig series with iRig Pre 2. The portable preamp and audio interface provides 48v phantom power and an XLR input for recording to iOS devices, Android phones and DSLR cameras. The iRig Pre 2 sports a 3.5mm TRS headphone output for direct monitoring and auto-switching to instantly […]