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Universal Audio has released Luna v1.1.8 and UAD Software v9.14. Luna now boasts end-to-end analogue console emulation with the API Vision Console Emulation Bundle, plus UAD gets plug-ins from API and C-Suite Audio. API Vision Console Emulation The API Vision Console Emulation is the significant feature here – UA says it “transforms LUNA into API’s […]

Twitter has launched its new Tip Jar feature, allowing users to tip creators, journalists, experts and nonprofit organisations. Among the supported donation services includes Bandcamp, making this a useful addition for musicians, producers and artists. According to the company, the new feature is available to people using Twitter in English, although is currently limited to […]

A new update to Algoirddim’s djay Pro AI introduces revamped features for Automix and Neural Mix. With the improvements, DJs can enjoy fully AI-powered sets, while iOS users can now mix four isolated stems of any tracks in real-time. Plus, Denon DJ LC6000 Prime owners can now get in on the action. READ MORE: The […]

Hans Zimmer and Pharrell William’s Ujam is back with another virtual rhythm machine. Ujam Groovemate One provides realistic percussion patterns with tambourines, shakers, one-shot shakers and claps. READ MORE: Plug-ins I Actually Use: Steve Darko Groovemaster One is designed to make it easy to create percussion parts that feel genuine. It comes with 30 different […]

Arturia has updated the firmware of Gear of The Year-winning MIDI controller, KeyStep Pro, to version 2.0. The update introduces new features requested by users and builds on the performance tools onboard the device. Global transpose comes to KeyStep Pro, allowing users to transpose several melodic parts simultaneously. A new global value offset can also […]

United Plugins founding partner JMG Sound has released Expanse 3D, a psychoacoustic processing-based plug-in that is said to expand your music across three dimensions. Despite its simple three-knob interface, the developer says there’s more going on under the hood than meets the eye to help you create supermassive sounds. Width, Depth and Height are the […]

Nembrini Audio is giving away the Clon Minotaur plug-in, a digital recreation of the Klon Centaur – a coveted drive pedal for guitars that can fetch prices of over $3,000 on the used market. Fortunately, you won’t have to scour auction pages to get your hands on the Clon Minotaur, just sign up for an […]

Spitfire Audio has returned with another free virtual instrument under its LABS series: Autoharp. Sounds for the virtual zither were recorded by composer Christian Henson at the UK-based Castlesound Studios. The Autoharp pack also includes an FX signal that features a recording of the instrument sent through a Vox guitar amp. This added signal brings […]

Rob Papen has announced his latest plug-in, DelSane. It’s a stereo tape delay that can be deployed as a smooth tape delay or as an out-there effect. You can run DelSane as a traditional delay in mono or stereo, with access to your usual fare of delay controls. On top of that, DelSane offers a […]

Teenage Engineering, continuing its collaboration with legendary Japanese video game company Capcom, has launched a series of free videopaks for the OP-Z synth. The Capcom videopaks include 12 scenes from the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises, each complete with authentic graphics. Using the OP-Z’s keyboard and dials, you can adjust the retro action on […]