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The saying goes that you should mix with your ears and not your eyes. While we agree that the ears should cast the deciding vote in any mixing decisions, there are plenty of tools to guide you towards optimum results. Specifically, compression and other dynamic processes can be particularly hard to hear, especially when you’re […]

Sample pack platform Cymatics has unleashed Diablo Lite, a freeware transient shaping plug-in that uses Punch and Clip parameters to help your drums sound beastly. Some common techniques in modern-day drum production include parallel compression and saturation. These methods can give drums more presence in a mix and are especially prevalent in hip-hop and trap […]

There are a ton of multi-sampled instruments available that allow you to emulate just about any classic keys, from a Rhodes electric piano, to a baby grand. Some of the best examples of these sampled libraries let you tweak every aspect of the sound. These are your only options when looking for the most realistic […]

Vital is the full-featured new spectral warping wavetable synth from Matt Tytel, the creator of Helm, which we included on our recent list of best freeware soft synths. Vital features wavetable warping, elaborate modulation and effects. What we especially like is that its attractive and responsive interface animates wavetables, filters and modulation so you can […]

Another month, another free SampleScience plug-in. This time, we’re being gifted Room Piano v3, an upgrade to the brand’s Room Piano 1 and 2, offering a lightweight piano sound that is touted as a perfect instrument for hip-hop oriented sub-genres. This version of Room Piano boasts twice as many samples as its v2 predecessor, along […]

Electronic music moved the bass from being a supporting part of most musical genres to being forefront, taking centre stage alongside the drums. That’s why the focus on sub content has never been greater. Every track needs to hit like a freight train to the chest, and that requires a consistent sub. In this Weekend […]

Cherry Audio’s latest Surrealistic MG-1 Plus is a software rendition of a classic 80s Moog synth. The plug-in launched yesterday (25 November) and, for the time-being, is available to download for free. The software instrument is based on the Moog Concertmate MG-1, an entry-level synth originally developed for Radio Shack (then known as Realistic). Because […]

After a year or so of sharing the journey of development, Matt Tytel has released his spectral warping wavetable synth, Vital. Tytel is known for creating Helm, a free subtractive semi-modular synth, which we said is one of the best freeware synths on the internet. A synth with vitality Vital takes things up a notch, […]

As Black Friday approaches, music technology brands are dishing out deals left, right and centre. Waves‘ Early Bird Bonus Savings sale is already underway, which you can learn more about here. But if you’re not willing to spend any money this November, you can still grab a free plug-in from Waves and Chris Lord-Alge. The […]

Canadian software developer SampleScience has become renowned for its ever-expanding catalogue of easy-to-use soft synths and virtual instruments. This time, they’re heading to the jungle with Gorilla Bass, designed to instantly give you gritty basslines for drum ‘n’ bass, garage, jungle and more. The plug-in comes either as a free version with 15 sounds or […]