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Whatever you’re doing in the studio, EQ is likely one of your most-used tools. Whether carving out unwanted frequencies en-masse, making surgical cuts on individual sources or sweetening a whole mix, EQ is a producer’s bread and butter. However, there are often issues that a traditional EQ can’t solve due to its static nature. One […]

Spitfire Audio has returned with another free virtual instrument under its LABS series: Autoharp. Sounds for the virtual zither were recorded by composer Christian Henson at the UK-based Castlesound Studios. The Autoharp pack also includes an FX signal that features a recording of the instrument sent through a Vox guitar amp. This added signal brings […]

Independent software developer SampleScience is giving away Rusty Piano, a plug-in instrument that lets you play a rough acoustic piano. Rusty Piano is a fully multi-sampled acoustic piano, intentionally recorded hot with a touch of saturation to provide a heavier, rugged sound. SampleScience says this is ideal for genres such as indie rock, lo-fi hip-hop, […]

The hardware synthesizer market was relatively quiet this month, but intriguing music tech business developments and acquisitions were rife. Likewise, software and tech innovation brought AI vocalists and NFTs into the limelight, instigating heated discussions and new opportunities. For the first time in a while, talk of in-person events came back into the conversation, much […]

After selling the sample pack as an NFT this week, Principleasure is now giving away the sounds of Principleasure Instrumental Audio Pack 1 for free. The 5.5GB pack comprises samples from a range of synths that are fast becoming rare finds. This includes sounds from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Prophet T8, Oberheim OB-8, Roland TB-303, Roland TR-808, Yamaha CS-80, […]

A well-performed vocal track can add immense character to your song, but it can be challenging to find the right vocalist. A workable alternative can be using full vocal samples, but you’ll need to dig through thousands to find something that fits the vibe of your track. You also have to consider the source. Most […]

Plugin Boutique is giving away AudioThing’s Wave Box for free with every purchase in March 2021. The waveshaping plug-in would usually set you back £43. Wave Box is a distortion unit built around two waveshapers, Curve 1 and Curve 2, each boasting six waveshapes: tanh, sinh, sin, linear, floor and round. Your own waveshaping curves […]

IK Multimedia is giving away its Hitmaker: Synthwave instrument for free and a 15 per cent discount on its upcoming flagship synth, the UNO Synth Pro. The 1980s-inspired library pays tribute to vintage analogue tones whilst bringing forth futuristic, sci-fi sounds. It packs 1.4GB of samples, letting you harness the power of 80s synths for […]

In this monthly round-up, we bring you the best freeware we’ve seen from across the web to use on your tunes. This time, we have a pitch-tracking harmonic generator, a smart gate, a DX7 piano emulator and more. Bedroom Producers Blog HY-ESG Bedroom Producers Blog has teamed up with HY-Plugins to release this clever gate […]

Waveform Free is touted by Tracktion as “the world’s best, fully-featured, completely unlimited DAW” and says that it’s now even better. The 2021 edition of Waveform Free brings new editing and performance improvements for a streamlined workflow. Tracktion is introducing the Welcome Screen, which offers project templates, training material, new product news and swift set-up […]