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Foreign Family Collective

by: Rachel Narozniak Feb 17, 2021 Welcome back, BRONSON. On January 13, Foreign Family Collective sent YouTube into a tizzy with a boxing glove emoji. BRONSON fans didn’t have to think twice about its significance; the scarlet cue signaled a joint ODESZA and Golden Features “Intermission Broadcast” mix—”012,” to be exact. The day of BRONSON’s “Intermission Broadcast” […]

by: Sami Weisband Feb 9, 2021 MEMBA have returned for their first release of 2021, sharing four new tracks on their Sun Sala EP. The duo has been slowly but surely climbing up the ranks of the dance music echelon for the past few years, courtesy of triumphs such as “1 More Mile” from their […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Jan 18, 2021 Over the past two months, the second season of Foreign Family Collective‘s “Intermission Broadcast” serial has become the main attraction on the electronic mix end, what with ford. and Tycho stepping up to submit installments “009” and “010” in November and December, respectively. The idiom “good things come in […]

by: Mitchell Rose Dec 17, 2020 Well before he became a household name, Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) was a part of a two-person outfit titled Sonny and the Blood Monkeys. After the group split and Skrillex went on to worldwide superstardom, the duo’s other half began playing bass for alt-rock group Dead Sara for the […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Dec 17, 2020 After supplying the season two opener to Foreign Family Collective‘s “Intermission Broadcast Mix” on November 26, ford. passed the sonic baton to Tycho, who assumed possession with poise, putting forth the tenth installment in the Intermission saga. With “Mix 010,” Tycho—lesser known as Scott Hansen—whets streamers palates for the […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Dec 16, 2020 More than a half-decade later and Jai Wolf‘s 2015 freshman release “Indian Summer” still holds up as one of highest ranking outings from the New York producer’s widespread index. In commemoration of five trips around the sun since Jai Wolf’s enlistment on ODESZA‘s Foreign Family, he’s repackaging “Indian Summer” […]

by: Mitchell Rose Oct 22, 2020 ford. is only 20-years-old, yet he already has a resume that would make many producers blush. A member of ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective, ford. released his debut album, (The) Evening, when he was just a teenager. Now, millions of streams and a Grammy nomination later, the Utah-based producer is […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Oct 9, 2020 Kasbo has steadily released singles from his sophomore studio album, The Making of a Paracosm through 2020 to date. Each album rollout, however, must eventually come to a close, and with this in mind, the Swedish producer has shared the LP’s sixth and final single pre-release, “Lune.” “Lune” is […]