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★★ ½ The Witches is a kids movie with scary elements, based on the classic book of the same name, by Roald Dahl. When a young boy spies on a convention of witches, he’s caught eavesdropping and they turn him into a mouse. He must then navigate his tiny new body to stop the witches […]

★★ ½ Director Ben Wheatley (Free Fire) takes on the monumental task of remaking Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca, the 1940 Best Picture Oscar winner from Alfred Hitchcock. While the acting and direction are supreme, even with three pairs of feet, screenwriters Jane Goldman, Joe Shrapnel, and Anna Waterhouse do not manage to fill the large […]

★★★ ½ Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest foray as Kazakhstan’s eccentric reporter is cringe-inducing, political, insane, and most importantly, hilarious. Much like 2006’s original film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is everything you would expect it to be, if not more so. Almost every scene is packed to the brim with some of the wildest moments ever caught […]

★ ½ Honest Thief is an action film in the spirit of Taken, but with the same actor, and a similar script. When a thief decides to give back all the money that he stole in order to make reparations and rejoin society to be with the woman he loves, a couple of crooked FBI […]

★★★ The War with Grandpa is a family comedy aimed at kids, with humor mostly appropriate for them. When Grandpa Ed can no longer take care of himself, he comes to live at his daughter’s house, where he ousts young Peter from his bedroom. Peter declares a war of physical pranks to try to get […]

★★★ Shortcut is a morality tale horror story with an ensemble cast of teens fighting for their lives. When a group of students gets their bus hijacked by a serial killer who decides to take a shortcut through a dark tunnel, they discover a hungry monster with a taste for humans. Five teens have a […]

★★ Writer/directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz make their jump from short features into the deep waters of a major motion picture that explores what has and has not changed in the racial divide in the United States. Unfortunately, when the three rivers of drama, horror, and social statement converge, it creates a whirlpool that […]

★★★ The Broken Hearts Gallery is a romantic comedy with a wonderful cast, and plenty of chemistry between the lead characters. A twenty-something young woman trying to make it in the art scene gets her heart broken repeatedly; this is a pattern she must figure out how to not only change, but embrace, when she […]