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by: Sami Weisband Oct 20, 2020 Fresh off the release of his debut album Fantasy, Whethan hopped on a Reddit AMA on October 15 to give diehard fans a chance to pick his brain. The 21-year-old producer has proven to have his finger on the pulse of all aspects of the electronic industry time and […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 18, 2020 Chicago’s Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, has been rapidly ascending to dance music’s top echelon since he was a mere 17 years old. After three years of gearing up for its release, his debut album, Fantasy, is finally here. Fantasy refuses to be tied down to one single […]

The highly anticipated, genre-bending first album from Whethan is finally here, bringing his full musical vision to life with FANTASY. Pop-rock and alternative trap lace the entire release, but every track brings a different, distinct vibe. Whethan has made it known from the jump he will never put himself into the box — we can […]

by: Sami Weisband Oct 16, 2020 After three years spent anxiously awaiting Whethan‘s elusive debut album Fantasy, fans can once again sleep at night. By featuring a different artist on all but one of its 15 tracks, the record, released on October 16, does not fall into any one electronic subgenre. Housing a star-studded tracklist, […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Sep 20, 2020 Whethan placed Twitter into a mild panic at the end of August after casually tossing a tidbit of information that his next FANTASY single would be “pulling someone out of retirement.” After bottomless attempts to narrow down the list of current retirees that could fill the blank, the question […]