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Over the past two years, acoustic reconfigurations of dance originals have become a staple of Dylan Matthew‘s sonic playbook, and though the concept of converting an electronic track to an acoustic format isn’t unfamiliar to the dance space, Matthew has been a driving force of its appeal. From 2019 onward, Matthew, Dancing Astronaut‘s first-ever Supernova, […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Jan 27, 2021 Supernovas is a recurring Dancing Astronaut feature dedicated to vocalists in the dance space who, with their own idiosyncratic vocal signatures and unique lyrical perspectives, have played pivotal roles in bringing electronic records to life. Each installment in the monthly series spotlights one vocalist. The serial launches with Supernovas […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Jan 19, 2021 Not all IDs are created equal. Some tracks like Axwell and Years‘ “Bliss” can lay dormant inside the ID vault for years upon years (no pun intended) since their initial unveiling, with only a sliver of promise that their red lights will eventually turn green, while other ID hopefuls […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Jan 1, 2021 On December 5, 2020, an Instagram user by the handle of enthralled electronic enthusiasts on the platform with an IGTV video of a full orchestra performance of SLANDER and Dylan Matthew‘s now-classic “Love Is Gone.” After amassing thousands of views and attracting the attention of SLANDER’s Derek Andersen […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Dec 5, 2020 Seven years have passed since Ilan Bluestone‘s first re-imaginative outing on Enhanced Recordings, a rework of Tritonal and Underdown‘s 2013 Metamorphic I inclusion, “Bullet that Saved Me. In a return that could justifiably be dubbed “long overdue,” Bluestone now brings his remixing acumen back to the label for a […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Nov 30, 2020 Since 2018, the name “Dylan Matthew” has steadily circulated contemporary dance circles, cropping up on releases from electronic figureheads such as Seven Lions (“First Time” and “Another Me“) and SLANDER (“Love Is Gone”), among other industry fixtures. Although not all dance listeners will recognize the singer-songwriter’s name at first […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Nov 25, 2020 A trance portfolio wouldn’t be complete without a touch of Gareth Emery, and Ophelia Records knows this well. The proof is in the former’s remix of Fatum and Dylan Matthew‘s “Train To Nowhere,” through which Emery becomes an addendum to Ophelia’s array of domestic and invited trance talent, including […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Nov 9, 2020 Tritonal has enlisted Au5 and Dylan Matthew for powerful new single “Happy Where We Are.” The song’s namesake is brought into focus early on as a vocal-led introduction features Dylan Matthew’s soulful versework. It drops into heavier territory compared to Tritonal’s typical sound, which is undoubtedly thanks to co-producer […]