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Beatport has unveiled its new iOS music streaming and track management app, along with a rebranding of its logo and platform. The free Beatport app is available to subscribers of the Beatport LINK service and can be used to create and manage playlist libraries. Plus, users can discover and listen to new music curated by […]

Apple was in the spotlight throughout May, thanks to the news of a potential $27 billion fine, the release of Apple Music Lossless and rumours of a 40-core Mac Pro and a new iPod Touch. More hints at new gear came from the Sequential camp, which was recently acquired by Focusrite, with reports that a […]

SEEDJ is aiming to give producers and DJs a clear path to success with its virtual academy app. The online platform features masterclasses from established artists and has partnered with labels and management agencies to help aspiring producers accelerate their career. The SEEDJ all-in-one app solution lets you create a complete profile, which partnered management […]

A new update to Algoirddim’s djay Pro AI introduces revamped features for Automix and Neural Mix. With the improvements, DJs can enjoy fully AI-powered sets, while iOS users can now mix four isolated stems of any tracks in real-time. Plus, Denon DJ LC6000 Prime owners can now get in on the action. READ MORE: The […]

Subscribers to Beatsource Link can now use a web-based app to access their libraries right from a browser. Beatsource DJ touts a speedier workflow and integration with popular performance software and hardware. Handling track discovery, track auditioning and playlist curation happens through drag-and-drop functionality, plus the web app’s built-in decks. DJs can quickly take tracks […]

DJs looking to hone their skills can now do so in virtual reality thanks to a new partnership between Tribe XR and Pioneer DJ. Tribe XR, a DJ training app that runs in VR, has added the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 and  Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer to its platform. Both are authentic digital reproductions of their […]

Rotary DJ mixers may seem like a contemporary fad but the reality is quite the contrary. DJs began their reign on these knob-laden machines back in the 70s, with the first few mixers including UREI’s 1620 and Bozak’s CMA-10-DL2. Their revival was, in part, thanks to the release of the portable E&S DJR 400, showcasing […]

The hardware synthesizer market was relatively quiet this month, but intriguing music tech business developments and acquisitions were rife. Likewise, software and tech innovation brought AI vocalists and NFTs into the limelight, instigating heated discussions and new opportunities. For the first time in a while, talk of in-person events came back into the conversation, much […]

Pioneer DJ has announced the VM series of near-field monitor speakers, comprising the VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80 models. They each feature DSP control so you can manually fine-tune the sound to suit the room they’re in. Although Pioneer DJ is often renowned for its DJ’ing and live performance gear, the VM series is designed for […]

DIY music technology wiz Sam Battle, AKA Look Mum No Computer, has teamed up with Lego to create a functional vinyl DJ setup out of Lego bricks. The bricked setup is complete with a crossfader, sample pads and a direct drive system. Lego’s DJ, L.L.A.M.A, even gives it a spin to test its competency. Of […]