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Like, lump it or Elon Musk it, NFT block chain tokens are here and making a dent in the way content is being categorized and released. Mostly relegated to visual artwork so far, the advantages that locked content provides to the individual artist can be helpful in controlling counterfeiting, they’re not beholden to labels (unless […]

Get ready to gasp with fear and alarm when you see Rillium’s followers on social media. In the face of the massive sounds he’s created thus far on Blackout’s Evolutions vol. 9 series with his track “Mind Trap” and on BSE’s Driving Insane Remixes EP just released last month, the fact that he doesn’t already have a rabid following […]

In February, Korsakov Music re-introduced house producer Barely Royal as Sovryn and released his scorcher of a debut EP, Static Vision. An eclectic mix of melodic dancefloor and punishing neuro-inspired chugging synths, the newly minted Sovryn showed that he could party with the big D&B boys tech-wise. It was only a matter of time before a […]

by: Cameron DeFaria Mar 24, 2021 No stranger to the decentralized web, Dillon Francis has announced an Audius-exclusive debut of his new drum ‘n’ bass mix series, id{nb}gafos. The electronic mogul plans to roll out the series in an episodic fashion, with the inaugural installment featuring his widely celebrated virtual drum ‘n’ bass set that […]

According to Beatport, Subtension’s been on a bit of hiatus since his Tom Yum EP on Flexout last April. With his heavy, orchestral backgrounds and tight AF snares, the Slovakia-based producer left a bit of a gap in the heavy bass continuum, but luckily Subtension has returned with a new three-single offering, due out on NËU this […]

Full of previews, exclusives, remixes and the best of their tracks from 2020, Viper’s Annual 2021 album is once again a massive compilation of dancefloor fun, emotional vocals and locked in engineering. Big sounds to bring in the New Year in style, even if for many of us it’s in our jammies in the living […]

The duo Technimatic have been releasing their soulful and snare-heavy brand of jungle-infused music for over 12 years and have hit all the major labels while doing it. It’s clear to anyone listening to their tracks over the years that members Pete Rogers and Andy Powel get their love of snares and syncopation from the […]

Over its tenure, Knowledge Magazine defined a generation of rave, especially when it came to jungle and drum and bass, chronicling the burgeoning genre pretty much from its inception. Popularly known as Kmag, the monthly publication took us from paper to digital and from hardcore to crossbreed, leaving a major gap when it more or […]

In a year where events are fairly null and void due to shutdowns,, it makes sense that event companies are turning to releasing music more than ever before. Artists are looking to release more, after all, and promoters know a lot of artists. Quite a few companies like Bassrush, Liquicity and Korsakov already had offshoot […]

2020 year end and 20201 year preview compilation album season is upon us. It’s a most wonderful time of the year where all the D&B labels and many bass music labels release epic compilation albums with a number of aims: recapping the past year, remixing some of the best tracks from said past year, or […]