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Behringer has taken to its YouTube channel to tease BRAINS, a mysterious new product due to launch on 15 June. The teaser doesn’t give us much to go on – as is customary from the brand, which has a knack for its elusive yet parading marketing. However, there have been enough hints as of late […]

Reason Studios has announced Reason 12, which will arrive on 1 September 2021. In the coming weeks, however, subscribers to Reason+ may start seeing some of those new features popping up in their DAWs ahead of release day. Major additions to Reason 12 include a brand new sampler, high-resolution graphics, and an overhauled Combinator. The […]

Universal Audio has released Luna v1.1.8 and UAD Software v9.14. Luna now boasts end-to-end analogue console emulation with the API Vision Console Emulation Bundle, plus UAD gets plug-ins from API and C-Suite Audio. API Vision Console Emulation The API Vision Console Emulation is the significant feature here – UA says it “transforms LUNA into API’s […]

Price Pro: £499; updates from £85 | Artist: £284; updates from £68 | Elements: £85; updates from £25Contact Steinberg Apple’s new direction in CPUs is causing something of a stir in the world of music production, with software manufacturers working their socks off to ensure their products are compatible with the new Apple Silicon processors. […]

In partnership with BandLab When Bitwig introduced the Polymer synthesizer in Bitwig Studio 3.3 late last year, it accomplished several objectives. Firstly, it provided a simple but versatile way to quickly dial up a wealth of high-quality synth sounds. Polymer lets you mix and match many oscillator, filter and amp envelope types to create custom […]

In partnership with BandLab Sampling exposed drum parts and turning them into breakbeats is a popular production technique that will never go away. However, clearing those samples can be a legal minefield, so many musicians opt to create their own breaks using drum machines instead, before resampling and processing them to lend them a more […]

BandLab, the free social music-making platform for mobile and web, has officially crossed 30 million users. Users now create 10 million new tracks per month, according to a press release from BandLab, adding that the platform experienced a 150 per cent growth in users from 2019 to 2021. “We’ve seen activity grow naturally,” said BandLab […]

Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 10 has become the first DAW to implement MIDI 2.0 across the whole software. The new update also brings support for per-note MIDI controllers and MPE. The DAW is certainly not among the most popular, but its new features put it up against some of the major players. According to Bremmers […]

Price Live Intro £69 / $99 | Live Standard £319 / $449 | Live Suite £539 / $599Contact Ableton Live has always been different from other DAWs. In many respects, it’s probably more accurate to describe it as a DAW-instrument hybrid, especially when you factor in Ableton’s hardware controller Push 2. In Session View, you […]

Waveform Free is touted by Tracktion as “the world’s best, fully-featured, completely unlimited DAW” and says that it’s now even better. The 2021 edition of Waveform Free brings new editing and performance improvements for a streamlined workflow. Tracktion is introducing the Welcome Screen, which offers project templates, training material, new product news and swift set-up […]