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by: Rachel Narozniak Apr 2, 2021 In a March 30 open letter, prominent singer-songwriters Emily Warren, Justin Tranter, and Ross Golan pledged that they will no longer provide publishing or songwriting credit to artists or other individuals who did not contribute to a song’s writing process. The authors of the letter, who identify as “The […]

Justice, the new album from Justin Bieber, is out today. While it’s not normally a project that would appear on Your EDM, one track in particular raised eyebrows earlier this week when it was revealed that Skrillex and Virtual Riot had a hand in creating it. Skrillex also co-produced an additional two tracks, “Somebody” and […]

Daft Punk’s breakup video on Monday is still being felt and shared days later. Though reactions ranged from shocked to expected, the reality is that any rumors of new Daft Punk music are now, more likely than ever before, firmly solidified as false. However, there’s still a lot of music for us to look back […]