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Charlotte De Witte

by: Rugby Scruggs Dec 28, 2020 Come December 31, Charlotte de Witte will close out 2020 in style at Tomorrowland‘s virtual New Year’s Eve event, where she’s slated to bring her inimitable techno touch to the Melodia stage. The performance caps off a momentous year for de Witte, who not only released three EPs—Vision, Return […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Dec 23, 2020 Apple Music is leaving 2020 in its rearview with an applaudable power move. The streaming giant has made the leap into the world of hosting official DJ mixes this year, tasking everything from Boiler Room‘s exhaustive catalog to Tomorrowland Around The World performances, and Apple Music has now rounded […]

by: Dancing Astronaut Staff Nov 10, 2020 Tomorrowland has unleashed their New Years Eve lineup, starting the next chapter of their sonic story with more than 25 of the industry’s most sought after acts. The groundbreaking digital festival masterfully covers the spectrum of dance music in its concentrated lineup, not only bringing European mainstays and […]

Yesterday’s DJ Mag Top 100 list left many as jaded as the year before, with many mainstage acts and still confusion about why it’s called the “Top 100 DJs” when there are many better DJs than those listed. Naming ambiguity aside, it’s an interesting insight into analytics and statistics and how either 1) DJs can […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Oct 28, 2020  Tomorrowland Around The World single-handedly cemented the gold standard of virtual festival superiority at the end of July, pulling in more than a million digital attendees across their online island of Pāpiliōnem. After originally disclosing that it took a combination of four separate studios, 38 digital cameras, and over 300 […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Sep 30, 2020 After unveiling EDC’s long-awaited plans to return to Europe and announcing that the European edition of EDC would take place in Portugal in 2021, Insomniac Events had only one more item to check off for the festival’s announcement rollout: the artist roster. Serving as part of Electric Daisy Carnival’s […]

by: Mitchell Rose Sep 25, 2020 Techno queen Charlotte de Witte is back with her third EP of 2020, Rave on Time. The sonic pillars that de Witte built her sound on over the years (thumping bass lines and nimble acid riffs) constitute a majority of the EP with great success. Vocals subtly appear through […]