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by: Rachel Narozniak May 26, 2021 “This’ll be good.” In pithy fashion, the Swedish titans behind BROHOUSE set the tone for “Daybreak” in just as many words as there are BROHUG members. Emboldened by builds enough to make even the most tenured BROHUG streamer buckle up, “Daybreak” decisively breaks from the more idiosyncratic brand of […]

by: Ross Goldenberg May 13, 2021 While we might be beating a dead horse at this point, it’s the undeniable truth: John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde’s rank as the present-day titans of Swedish house has yet to waver, with the triad—better known by the name BROHUG— now turning in “Night Rider” as their […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Apr 14, 2021 Before you read any further, look up the word “consistent” in the dictionary. An image of none other than BROHUG is guaranteed to accompany it. Five releases in just under fourth months’ time would have already met the qualitative and quantitative threshold for most artists, but the three-manned Swedish […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Apr 1, 2021 The 2021 sonic forecast signals that BROHUG‘s bass house downpour will continue throughout the year, and boy, do we like getting caught in that rain. That’s precisely what Dancing Astronaut and fellow BROHOUSE disciples are doing amid John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde’s triangulation on the temperature-spiking “Look […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Mar 13, 2021 BROHUG march to the beat of their own BROHOUSE movement—and that’s just part of their beauty. In 2021 and certainly during its 365-day prelude, John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde’s new content was subject to their command and theirs only. The result? BROHUG singles catapulted to streaming platforms—frequently […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Mar 3, 2021 A looping vocal declaration—”this is better than sex”—is the backbone of BROHUG‘s latest. If Dancing Astronaut were asked to weigh in on this lyrical claim, well, we’d just have to agree. In characteristic John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde fashion, BROHUG provide cause for BROHOUSE fanfare with “Chocolate,” […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Dec 31, 2020 As of late, Dancing Astronaut has been busy rolling back the 2020 tapes. What did the footage show? Lane 8 as our 2020 Artist of the Year, Tomorrowland Around The World singlehandedly earning the designation of Digital Event of the Year, Moore Kismet‘s campaign for Breakout Artist of 2020, […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Dec 15, 2020 BROHUG have readily persisted as the Swedish trifecta that the house music space categorically deserves, and they’re now solidifying an ungraspable 30-release count on their 2020 scoreboard. Skipping any attempt to summate just how insuperable they’ve been since January, BROHUG are now potentially serving up their year’s closing number—though […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Dec 3, 2020 A 2020 year in review report would find “expect the unexpected” an appropriate adage for BROHUG‘s activity in recent months. Rewind back to January, and it’s doubtful that even listeners most literate in BROHOUSE would have anticipated the Swedish trio to spend the new decade building a 29-release case […]

by: Rachel Narozniak Nov 27, 2020 “New music tomorrow” and “new music out today” have been continuous Twitter refrains for BROHUG throughout the year, and on November 27, the latter announcement proved true for the 28th time as the bass house godfathers guided “Lost Cowboys” to streaming platforms. Those who’ve religiously followed the trio’s release […]