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by: Ariel King Jun 8, 2021 Few artists manage to leave such mark on the world in such a short time the way Avicii did. Even still, three years after Tim Bergling‘s death, his work as Avicii still permeates throughout the culture of electronic music while fans continue to celebrate his lasting impact. Now, Tomorrowland […]

Music fans across the world massively voted for their favorite Tomorrowland Anthems in the Tomorrowland Top 1000. After compiling the 1000 most iconic tracks in the history of Tomorrowland into one list, One World Radio has taken listeners on a magical journey through music, counting down 100 tracks per day for the past two weeks. […]

by: David Klemow May 27, 2021 White Panda is back. And for those that thought the mashup was a dying art, the format is still alive and well in the hands of one of the genre’s most celebrated forces on his new LP—Nightcub. White Panda’s track-blurring dexterity has amassed him hundreds of millions of streams […]

by: Ariel King May 19, 2021 While more than three years have passed since the tragic death of dance icon, Avicii‘s influence continues to permeate throughout the genre’s culture. Now, one of Sweden‘s most-visited venues, Ericsson Globe, is renaming itself to become the Avicii Arena to honor the musical juggernaut, which was actually predicted in […]

by: Austria Masim May 6, 2021 For May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Save The Children and the Tim Bergling Foundation have partnered in a collaborative effort to combat the stigma surrounding conversations around mental health. The campaign aims to help strengthen the mental fortitude of young adults through music as it can be used as […]

On the recent third anniversary of Avicii’s death, collaborator and friend Aloe Blacc took to social media to pay tribute. Not only did he discuss the time they first met, their writing and recording process, and performances from the past — he played out their unreleased collabs in celebrating the late legend. Aloe shared via the stream […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Apr 20, 2021 Avicii‘s joined BBC Radio 1 for an Essential Mix in 2010, just before the release of groundbreaking hit, “Levels” which changed the trajectory of his career, and popular dance music, forever. The mix is the perfect time capsule that captures Avicii’s live performance mastery before a series of feel-good […]

by: Ross Goldenberg Apr 16, 2021 April 20, 2021 signals a full three years since the heart-stopping news of Avicii‘s untimely passing. This year, Tomorrowland is using the date to commemorate the anniversary with a dedicated day-long tribute to the late Swedish icon. Tomorrowland will reflect on Avicii’s immortal stamp on dance music on One […]

by: Farrell Sweeney Apr 8, 2021 12 years into their storied careers, Vicetone have released their debut album, Legacy. The project spans 10 enthralling tracks, each with its own distinctive flavor, all while exemplifying the duo’s established progressive energy. Of the 10 inclusions, six had not been granted a pre-album release. Vicetone’s LP is inspired […]

by: David Klemow Feb 11, 2021 An Avicii memorial site is being created in honor of the late Swedish producer in the Östermalm district of Stockholm, according to news published in Sweden’s daily paper Dagens Nyheter. Andréa Hedin, Östermalm’s district committee chair said she believes the dedication of the new memorial site near where Tim Bergling […]