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Audio Interfaces

After already dropping cash on a microphone, headphones and maybe even a new DAW, spending yet more money on an audio interface with bells and whistles can feel like unnecessary pain for your wallet. However, it’s an essential component in most recording setups. These are our picks for the best audio interfaces you can pick […]

Following on from our list of best audio interfaces under $300, we’re slightly stepping up the price bracket to see how much more power you can get on a budget. If you’ve got a small band to record or a few of your own instruments to hook up to your DAW, these audio interfaces are […]

Tascam has announced the US-HR series, an eye-catching trio of easy-to-operate audio interfaces aimed at musicians, podcasters and producers. These interfaces can be bus-powered and come bundled with a suite of software to start off beginners. All three models equip with the brand’s Ultra-HDDA mic preamps and support audio resolutions of up to 24-bit at […]