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There’s something magical about the clank of the motor starting up, the gentle movement of the tonearm and that familiar, warm crackle emanating from your speakers as you settle back and enjoy your favourite album on vinyl. But setting up a turntable system at home requires some thought. While many might seek to prescribe expensive […]

Price £49Contact Spitfire Audio When Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations brought the iconic, cinematic sound of London’s most famous orchestral recording room under the Spitfire Audio sample library umbrella, we were told that this was just the start. Advertisement Spitfire promised a modular approach with new, focused libraries to support the broad brushstrokes of the […]

Logic Pro’s ES2 is a powerful subtractive synth with seemingly endless possibilities. A plethora of modulation options means that we can transform a bland synth patch into an evolving, exciting pad or lead. ES2’s Router, found at the bottom panel, allows us to use LFOs and envelopes to bring movement to our pathces. In this […]

Spitfire Audio has added to its collection of free instruments with LABS Bass Guitar, featuring four classic bass sounds and seven controls. LABS Bass Guitar’s four presets include Warm Bass Amped, Warm Bass DI, Classic Bass Amped and Classic Bass DI. Spitfire Audio says these sounds should cover you for “smooth and soulful to punchy […]

Apple was in the spotlight throughout May, thanks to the news of a potential $27 billion fine, the release of Apple Music Lossless and rumours of a 40-core Mac Pro and a new iPod Touch. More hints at new gear came from the Sequential camp, which was recently acquired by Focusrite, with reports that a […]

(Pocket-lint) – Apple typically updates its popular products annually, and the AirPods lineup is no different. There have been plenty of leaks, from images to purported specs, about the next-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. But a new report is looking even further, to the 2022 updates. Bloomberg has reiterated that AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro […]

Price €199, €399 (MAX), €149 (SE)Contact IK Multimedia The fifth iteration of Amplitube is the most significant since its first revision around 15 years ago. The most apparent change served up by Amplitube 5 is the switch to a split-screen, drag-and-drop interface with the modules/gear above and the routing chain below. The ‘gear’ is now […]

Nothing, the London-based consumer tech brand and Teenage Engineering partner, will debut its first product in June: a pair of wireless earbuds, called the Ear 1. Back in March, Teenage Engineering announced it became a founding partner of Nothing, and will contribute to the brand’s product designs. The Ear 1 appears to be the first […]

Now that you know how to clean up your projects with Groups and Folders, let’s look at using Cubase’s Visibility functions to remove clutter from your screens. The last thing you want when working on a big project is to spend time locating a specific instrument or group. By hiding unnecessary channels in Cubase, we […]

(Pocket-lint) – If Bang & Olufsen products weren’t exclusive enough, it’s released a new limited edition collection in collaboration with renowned leather maestro, Berluti. The products actually look great, which isn’t always the case with limited edition collabs. The blend of emblematic Venezia leather, which has been patinated by hand and Bang & Olufsen’s alloy […]