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Behringer has taken to its YouTube channel to tease BRAINS, a mysterious new product due to launch on 15 June. The teaser doesn’t give us much to go on – as is customary from the brand, which has a knack for its elusive yet parading marketing. However, there have been enough hints as of late […]

Splice has launched new Creator plans alongside a significant update to its services, including the first major update of its playable sample library. Astra, Beatmaker and Bridge are three new plug-ins introduced in the recent update, available to Sounds+, Creator and Creator+ subscribers. Bridge provides deeper integration between Splice’s sample library and your DAW. Now, […]

In recent years, the edits scene has gone into overdrive, progressing the DJ world from the often crude but fun mash-ups of the 2manydjs heyday into an evolution of the 70s disco edit movement. There are 99 terrible edits for every good one, lazily and messily cobbled together and not offering anything that enhances the […]

Price $799 / £579Contact M-Audio Press your fingers down on the keys of the Hammer 88 Pro, and you can instantly feel the weight and resistance that made the previous model, the Hammer 88, so appealing to performers who value pianistic authenticity. For some, a fantastically responsive playing experience would already be enough to justify […]

While many expected Apple to announce an updated MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021, it simply didn’t happen. However, a Twitter user may have spotted hints alluding to the existence of the redesigned laptop, along with an alleged new processor: the MX1. In Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote presentation (uploaded to YouTube on 7 June) several meta […]

Price £29/$29Contact Spitfire Audio When The Lumineers’ Jeremiah Fraites fell in love with the unique resonances and creaks of a small, battered upright piano, he decided that these sounds really ought to be sampled for posterity. Michael Jackson (not that one), a piano tuner, once deemed Fraites’ family piano only fit for firewood, and so […]

Apple Music head Eddy Cue has admitted he can’t tell the difference between compressed tracks and their lossless counterparts. Cue, who is also Apple’s SVP for internet software and services, made the revelation in a new interview with Billboard on the place of lossless and Spatial Audio in the future of music. And he isn’t convinced that […]

Instagram @perhammar2000 | @euromix_netEmail perhammar@euromix.netSoundCloud Per Hammar doesn’t seem to want to slow down. The prolific Swedish house and techno producer has founded three labels, Dirty Hands, 10YEARS and De Vloer, and has hosted the Malmö club night, Kiloton for 10 years. Per Hammar, recently teamed up with Patrick Siech to launch the Euromix mixing and […]

My first foray into music production was using a basic Roland Sound Canvas, a pretty static box with little to no controls. So I was excited to get my hands on my first proper piece of kit in 1996: the Roland MC-303. This thing was jammed with classic dance drum hits from the 808, 909 […]

Beatport has unveiled its new iOS music streaming and track management app, along with a rebranding of its logo and platform. The free Beatport app is available to subscribers of the Beatport LINK service and can be used to create and manage playlist libraries. Plus, users can discover and listen to new music curated by […]