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Underplayed is a documentary launching today on streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play. The documentary explores the gender disparity in the electronic music scene and has been publicly released on International Women’s Day (8 March), following its premiere last year at TIFF. Less than three per cent of technical and production roles […]

Price £152Contact EboStudio Max For Live adds plenty of audiovisual tools to Ableton, but it’s not the most intuitive of setups. Jeroen Hofs (aka Eboman) decided to fix this with the introduction of EboSuite in 2018, which allows you to easily create, sample, play, mix and manipulate video from within Live. Several years and updates […]

(Pocket-lint) – For the past few years, Beats by Dre has been part of Apple’s family, which means it gets access to some of Apple’s tech, while Apple – in return – gets a fashionable audio brand. With the Powerbeats Pro, that means you get the same H1 chip inside the earphones to make pairing […]

You may have noticed that your MIDI instrument parts often sound a little dry and lacking realism. Aside from the obvious fact that you’re playing it in with a computer, it’s likely that there isn’t enough movement and variation in each note. Logic Pro’s MIDI Draw tool can be used to automate a few parameters […]

A well-performed vocal track can add immense character to your song, but it can be challenging to find the right vocalist. A workable alternative can be using full vocal samples, but you’ll need to dig through thousands to find something that fits the vibe of your track. You also have to consider the source. Most […]

She Knows Tech, a female collective founded at Berklee College of Music, is hosting a multi-day summit, with a focus on music production, audio engineering and more music technology topics. Spitfire Audio, Women In Music, She Is The Music and the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and KeychangeEU are partnering with the collective. The online event […]

It might be the end of the first season of WandaVision, but producers and musicians have been keeping us entertained with their remixes of Agatha All Along. The track coincides with a big reveal in Marvel’s Avengers spin-off, so beware of spoilers if you’ve not been keeping up. Agatha All Along is an irresistibly catchy track […]

With their complex interfaces and shiny, animated LEDs, music equipment is a great choice for set designers looking for futuristic set design. But, if you recognise the equipment from your own studio – and it’s doing something other than making music – it can be a struggle to suspend your disbelief. For example, you may […]

Behringer parent Music Tribe’s application to trademark the “Behringer Oberheim” name has been rejected, according to US Patent Office (USPTO) case documents that have surfaced online. The USPTO documents, dated 4 March, state that Music Tribe’s request to register the Behringer Oberheim name – which the company filed to the patent office in August 2020 […]

When you imagine someone laying down a bassline, you probably don’t see them at a computer screen clicking on a mouse. But by drawing notes into Cubase’s MIDI editor, we can instantly manipulate the groove and the pattern, experimenting with the bass part in a way that’s unachievable with a real bass guitar. In this […]