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Recording and producing entire musical projects on an iPad has never been easier thanks to a wealth of compatible apps and devices. IK Multimedia, the creator of iRig devices and AmpliTube, has contributed to iPad music production once more with the release of MixBox CS, the mobile version of its recent Mac and OS multi-effects […]

Music-maker and YouTuber Andrew Huang has launched Flip, a mobile app that promises a streamlined approach to creating and performing sample-based music. Streamlining the use of found sounds is a big part of Flip’s appeal; once you’ve recorded a sound, you can easily play it with drum pads or a keyboard in-app. What’s more, you […]

Price £299, $79/year for LUMI Complete app contentContact LUMI ROLI’s LUMI Keys 1 is the final production version of the company’s advanced keyboard initially launched on Kickstarter. And while we’re very excited to see a version aimed more squarely at studio musicians and producers, in this review we’re mainly focusing on the hardware and its […]